SPbPU students returned from the “Young Voices 2022” festival

16 May 2022 Culture 347

Members of the creative groups at Polytechnic University continue to conquer the heights of competitions and festivals. SPbPU Chamber Choir led by Alexandra Makarova won the second degree at the All-Russian Choir Festival «Young Voices-2022» held in Nizhny Novgorod for the 17th time.

The Chamber Choir of SPbPU under the direction of Alexandra Makarova became the winner of the second degree of the All-Russian Choral Festival "Young Voices-2022"

Choirs from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kemerovo, Saratov, Yaroslavl and Tula gathered in a city with an 800-year history. More than five hundred youth choir singers came to the capital of the Volga Region, including the singing students of Polytechnic University.

’Young Voices’ is one of the unique venues where amateur and professional groups meet not only in a contest and festival format. The main objective is communication, interaction and improvement of professional level, and this is the main reason why we are involved in music and creativity, said the artistic director of the Chamber Choir of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Alexandra Makarova.

Competitive performance, participation in master-classes, walking along the famous places of Nizhny Novgorod — it was a great luck to be on the bank of the Volga in early May. A good luck, or rather a regularity, was the awarding of the SPbPU Chamber Choir the title of the laureate of the second degree and the diploma for the best performance of impressionist music. The festival jury appreciated the Polytechnic students’ performance of Claude Debussy’s work on poems by medieval poet Charles Orleansky, which is rarely found in the repertoire of professional choirs.

The chamber pop choir under the direction of Alexandra Makarova became the winner of the second degree of the All-Russian Choral Festival "Young Voices-2022"

Alexandra Makarova has set the bar incredibly high for her ensemble. The works they perform are incredibly difficult. But with what ease and pleasure the guys conquer this Everest of choral performance, said a jury member, professor of the Kemerovo Institute of Culture, artistic director of the Academy Choral Theater and the international Siberiad Festival Contest Inna Shorokhova.

This is the third high award for the SPbPU Chamber Choir for this academic year after the titles of first degree laureates in the I.V. Roganova Rainbow Festival Contest and the 7th Blagovest Open Choral Competition of Technical Universities of Russia. The Polytechnic students’ group also performs a lot on the biggest stages of St. Petersburg and presents creative projects.

For the Chamber Choir of SPbPU, this is the third high award for this academic year

Music has always been my main hobby, and it’s great that after entering Polytechnic, I don’t part with it, shared Konstantin Kruchinin, a student of IKNT. Classes in the choir — it’s a good opportunity to test yourself and become better. Studying is pretty tough, but it’s easier with a choir.

Prepared by the Directorate for Cultural Programs and Youth Creativity of SPbPU

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