SPbPU Engineering Center Became the First in the World to Own Autodesk Within Pilot Licenses

1 March 2016 Science and Innovation 1419

The ceremony of handing over Autodesk Within test licenses took place in the Computer Engineering Center (CompMechLab®) of Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University. This software system is aimed at creating and 3-D printing of lightweight constructions for automobile and aerospace industries, industrial equipment and medical implants. The licenses were presented by the Director of SPbPU International Educational-Scientific Center (IESC) “Autodesk-Polytechnic”, E.I. Touchkevich.

SPbPU Engineering Center Became the First in the World to Own Autodesk Within Pilot Licenses

SPbPU has been successfully cooperating with Autodesk Company, world's leading developer of CAD-CAE-PLM systems. For example, in 2014, agreements on strategic partnership in the educational area were signed and ‘Autodesk-Polytechnic” International Educational-Scientific Center was opened. IESC programs are a combination of the Polytechnic education and hands-on experience in the Autodesk software usage. Within the framework of the strategic agreement, SPbPU has been taking part in the Autodesk Network (AND) partnership program since 2015. The program is aimed at the support and cooperation of applied software developers. This software expands the basic features of Autodesk products. Participation in AND is a great opportunity for both SPbPU staff members and students to try out the latest Autodesk technologies before their launch into the market. Moreover, SPbPU has a program of students’ certification, which allows students to obtain international certificates and work for any company that uses Autodesk software.

Сотрудники ИЦ ЦКИ и МОНЦ Autodesk-Политехник

Based on computer-aided optimization methods (CAO), Autodesk Within software allows obtaining complex shaped objects with the lattice/cell structure. These objects are much lighter than the ones used in practice, but they meet all performance requirements (resistibility, rigidity, durability, etc.). Autodesk Within also provides an opportunity to prepare designed models using additive technologies, as long as modern multi axle CNC machines cannot produce these optimized structures. Vice-Rector for Innovative Projects, scientific advisor of the Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, Head of the Computer Engineering Center A.I. Borovkov confirmed the importance of the obtained licenses.

“SPbPU is the leading polytechnic university in Russia. It has always stayed ahead both in research and adoption of the latest software and innovative technologies. It is natural to assume that SPbPU was the first in the world to receive Autodesk Within pilot licenses free of charge. It was done within the framework of the strategic partnership program with Autodesk,” admitted E.I. Touchkevich, Head of the “Autodesk-Polytechnic”.

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