SPbPU took part in the Open Innovations Forum

5 November 2015 Science and Innovation 491

“Global technological congress in modern interactive formats”, “the main technological show in Russia” – this is how the organizers describe the annual science and technology Forum “Open Innovations” that was held in Moscow from 28th October to 1st November. Twelve thousand participants of the Forum acquainted themselves with the technologies of the future that have already arrived due to the hard work of world's leading businesses and research centers, among which one can find Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University.

SPbPU took part in the Open Innovations Forum

The Open Innovations Forum is the largest event in Russia that deals with the role of future technologies in the economy, everyday lives of modern people and society as a whole. The discussions revolve around the issue “Humanity facing the trends of the technological revolution” and focus on the five key areas of modern life prone to undergo dramatic changes under the influence of technologies, namely production, environment, education, health and entertainment industry.

SPbPU presented the inventions of its cutting-edge divisions: Business Incubator “Polytechnic”, the Institute of Laser and Welding Technologies (ILWT), the Institute of Innovative Production Technologies (IIPT), Engineering Center "Center for Computer Engineering", as well as the Departments of Civil Engineering and Applied Ecology (the Institute of Civil Engineering) and of Turbines, Hydraulic Machines and Aircraft Engines (the Institute of Power Engineering and Transportation).

SPbPU took part in the Open Innovations Forum

According to O.I. Borshcheva, the Director of the Business Incubator "Polytechnic", participation in the Open Innovations is a wonderful opportunity for developers of innovative products to have an expert opinion from the representatives of the largest venture funds in Russia, to raise funds and find additional support. Olga I. Borshcheva remarked that, "Visitors of the Forum are sure to have a new source of inspiration to develop their own projects, or it is likely to become easier for them to choose a university and a major in order to make a future career in a promising field".

SPbPU took part in the Open Innovations Forum

The developments of the Polytechnic University were displayed at the stands of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, the Administration of Saint-Petersburg, as well as a special zone of the University. The Polytechnic University showed a whole range of innovative products for the industrial sector of the economy: a micro turbine generator for the in-plant use at gas distribution plants, a photopolymer 3D printer, a model of future state-of-the-art factories, technologies of laser welding and laser growth. At the Forum there were also presented augmented and virtual reality for museum collections, a neuro construction kit neurokit, a model of an autonomous energy-efficient house, an improved version of the race car of the University team for the Formula Student competition, etc.

Aleksandr Sosnovskikh, the author of the project "Augmented and Virtual Reality for Museums" spoke about the importance of the Forum for his development: "This Forum enables communicating with future users, it is an opportunity to find out their unbiased opinion on the technology. Time and again "Open Innovations" help to get acquainted with experts, as well as people working in the sphere of 3D technologies, which is our priority".

The University stand was really popular with the active professionals of the venture industry market: within five days the stand was visited by the representatives of Skolkovo Innovation Center, the Russian Venture Company, Starta Capital Investment Company, the Department of Innovation Policy of the Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovations, etc. Business Incubator "Polytechnic" reached an agreement concerning the participation of I.R. Agamirzyan, CEO of the Russian Venture Company, in the upcoming Polytech Rise Weekend Forum which is to take place at Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University.

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