COVID-19: Polytech Switches to Distance Learning

18 March 2020 244

To prevent the occurrence of coronavirus infection in the university SPbPU switches to the implementation of educational programs at all levels of education using distance learning, individual curricula, independent mastering of educational material, communication of students and teachers in a digital environment.

COVID-19: Polytech Switches to Distance Learning

From March 16, classes have been transferred to online and distance formats. Students, undergraduate and postgraduate students study at home.

Teachers are provided with a flexible work schedule in order to effectively organize the educational process according to individual learning paths and transfer students to online and distance formats. Teachers can conduct online classes both in equipped classrooms of SPbPU and from home.

More information about the new measures you may read in the new SPbPU website section.

We urge you to be careful and cautious, report ill health and seek medical help, not to conceal information from the university administration and representatives of medical institutions.

Do show discipline and consciousness: it is in our power to prevent the spread of the virus. We wish you and your loved ones health!

Prepared by Center for International Recruitment and Communication

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