Message to students from SPbPU Administration

26 May 2020 185

Dear friends!

From the first days of the pandemic, Polytechnic University has been doing everything possible to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection and to preserve your safety. We have fully transferred the educational process to online mode. University buildings, especially student dormitories, are regularly disinfected. In addition, we try to provide you with the utmost information support by constantly covering the current situation and the necessary security measures on the websites and social networks of Polytechnic University.

We do not stop repeating how important it is now to exercise consciousness and prudence. When the first cases of coronavirus were revealed in dormitory No. 13, the university services did everything possible to localize the infection. We forcibly closed several floors of the dormitory and tried to convey to students that for their own good, for their own safety, it was necessary to observe a self-isolation regime, and not leave the building.

Unfortunately, not all students complied with these requirements, and it was not possible to localize the coronavirus infection. In view of this, the Federal Service of Rospotrebnadzor demanded imposing an observational regime on the territory of the dormitory.

Dear students! How long this regime will last, depends entirely on your consciousness; at the moment, according to the order of Rospotrebnadzor, it is 14 days from the date of isolation of the last patient. But if we do not comply with the necessary observational requirements, the federal services have the right to extend it. Our university is doing everything possible to ensure full-fledged life activity and the continuation of the educational process for students who are in the observatory. We will help you resolve issues related to migration registration; provide all necessary means for disinfection, personal protection and sanitary cleaning, medical supervision and examination together with polyclinics. By decision of the rector of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, dormitory students will receive additional financial assistance in the amount of 4000 rubles, and Polytechnic volunteers will help deliver food and essentials at your request. The organization of the observatory for students of dormitory No. 13 based on the decision of the Federal Service of Rospotrebnadzor is reflected in the order of the rector “On measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection;” you can find it in the attached files.

Please be patient, be conscious. After all, it depends only on how carefully we observe the precautionary measures when this difficult for us period ends!

SPbPU Administration

ORDER "On the activities to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection" 

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