Polytechnic University Turned 122 years old!

19 February 2021 1076

Dear friends!

I heartily congratulate you on the birthday of Polytechnic University!

This year Polytechnic has turned 122 years old. This is a truly gigantic period for a higher education institution. Today we are again touching the rich history of the University, we are remembering our great predecessors, whose lives and activities were closely connected with Polytechnic University; it would be no exaggeration to say that during its history the university has educated a pleiad of outstanding scientists and engineers who made the national science famous!

This year Polytechnic has turned 122 years old

But life doesn’t standstill. Polytechnic University is changing along with the rest of the world, instantly responding to the global challenges of the economy, science, and education, and even outpacing them. Today, at a time of challenges not only for our country but for the entire world, the University has been able to increase its scientific and educational potential.

Last year, Polytechnic University repeatedly won prestigious prizes and was the winner of St. Petersburg, All-Russian, and international competitions. Our research activities annually yield results in the form of new technological ideas, developments, and scientific discoveries.

Polytechnic’s birthday traditionally unites not only students and teachers, but also thousands of people from different cities and countries, companies and universities, and scientific and artistic organizations. And today I would like to congratulate our great Polytechnic brotherhood.

Dear friends, I wish you happiness, creative and scientific success, the implementation of all plans and undertakings, while to Polytechnic University I wish new horizons and many generations of talented students!

Vivat, our dear Peter the Great Polytechnic!

Rector St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

Rector of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University,

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences


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