The 13th Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics: Results and Figures

1 September 2023 Affiliates 194

From August 21 to 25, 2023, the 13th All-Russian Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics was held at Peter the Great SPbPU. One of the oldest and largest scientific events in Russia is an effective platform for interaction of scientists from different scientific organizations of the country to discuss the latest achievements and create joint breakthrough research and technologies.

More than 1600 people participated in the Congress

The event was held in St. Petersburg for the first time. The participants were more than 1600 people from 70 cities of Russia, as well as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Speakers and experts included 18 academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 31 corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences and almost 300 young scientists. A number of speeches on topical problems of modern mechanics were prepared for the Congress by employees and graduates of the Advanced Engineering School of SPbPU «Digital Engineering» (AES SPbPU).

Speakers include 18 academicians of the RAS, 31 corresponding members of the RAS

The Organizing Committee of the Congress was headed by Irina Goryacheva, Chairman of the Russian National Committee for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the RAS, Academician of the RAS, and Andrei Rudskoi, Rector of SPbPU, Chairman of the St. Petersburg Branch of the RAS, Academician of the RAS. The deputy chairmen were Vice-Rector for Digital Transformation of SPbPU, Head of the Advanced Engineering School of SPbPU «Digital Engineering», SPbPU World-class Scientific Center «Advanced Digital Technologies», SPbPU NTI Competence Center «New Production Technologies», Center for Transfer and Import Substitution of Advanced Digital Manufacturing Technologies of SPbPU and Engineering Center (CompMechLab®) of SPbPU Alexey Borovkov and Director of the Graduate School of Theoretical Mechanics and Mathematical Physics of SPbPU, Head of the Laboratory «Modeling of Manufacturing Technologies and Processes» of SPbPU, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Anton Krivtsov.

The Local Committee was co-chaired by Alexey Borovkov and Vladimir Knyaginin, Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg. The Deputy Chairman was Anton Krivtsov. The opening ceremony of the Congress took place on August 21 in the White Hall of Peter the Great St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University.

Opening ceremony of the Congress

During the five days of work, more than 1100 reports were delivered at the sub-sections and symposia. The program included 12 plenary 40-minute reports on topical problems of mechanics, one of which was delivered by Alexey Borovkov, Vice-Rector for Digital Transformation of SPbPU, Head of SPbPU Digital Engineering NSP.

Alexey Ivanovich spoke about the fundamental role of mechanics and advanced digital technologies in the development of high-tech industries. He noted that for many years St. Petersburg Polytechnic has been building and strengthening the link between science and the real industrial sector, accumulating unique competencies in the development and application of advanced digital manufacturing technologies, which have become the basis of the SPbPU technological development ecosystem.

Alexey Borovkov delivered a plenary report

Employees of the SPbPU Digital Engineering NSP actively spoke at the Biomechanics Symposium events.

Reports and research presented at the symposia, plenary sessions and sections will form the basis for articles and publications in Russian scientific journals devoted to fundamental mechanics, development of technological and industrial base of our country. The next All-Russian Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics will be held in 4 years in the city, which will be chosen according to the results of the competition.

Extended news about the participation of representatives of the SPbPU Advanced Engineering School «Digital Engineering» can be read here.

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