Viva España! Polytechnic University Students Study at Universidad de Granada

21 April 2015 Affiliates 586

The Institute of Humanities of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University has been sending its students to Spain for 20 years now – as part of various educational exchange programs. There the students can spend a month both getting some useful insights and enjoying themselves. This year four students with the major in Advertising and PR had an intensive Spanish language course in Universidad de Granada. Anastasia Kuledgishvili and Margarita Mileva from the Institute of Humanities told us about their experience.

“The first impression was – Sunny! Beautiful! Oranges! After getting to Granada, we saw spring, orange trees, and smiling people. People here are really happy and joyful – they enjoy every moment. Probably, that is why it is so easy to communicate with them, even if you do not speak each other’s language. We could even communicate with gestures! The very first day we made friends with the members of our study group and the professors.

Universidad de Granada is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Spain. One can feel it immediately. All the campus buildings are renovated, equipped with computers and media-devices. There are computer classes for the students, there is Internet access. The campus is quite cozy – the courtyards create a bit relaxed atmosphere. The faculty members are always friendly and helpful if you want to ask any questions – about the courses or otherwise. The atmosphere during the classes was easy-going. All the professors are interested in their job and lively. We were studying in small rooms for small student groups – so the classes were interactive, the students could closely communicate with each other and with the professors. It looks like the most effective way to learn a language! We were thoroughly involved, everybody was speaking only Spanish – including the professors – so you have no other choice but to understand and then speak.

Apart from studying, we traveled in Andalusia – Málaga, Seville, Córdoba, Jaen, Sierra Nevada, Nerja, Albacete, and some small but colorful towns – they all impressed us in their own way. Spain is famous for its history, culture, and sights. You are surprised and amazed by every moment, every street, every town, the atmosphere, and the people. We visited Spain during Semana Santa, when all the Catholics (especially Spaniards) celebrate pre-Easter week. This is one of the most important festivals in Spain and it is thoroughly celebrated. Catholic and Orthodox traditions differ, so it was interesting for us to see the festival.

Spain is a country of incredible colors, emotions, and impressions. There are so many happy people, blooming trees, cozy little streets, architectural landmarks. We are very grateful to our University for letting us see it all!”

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