Adapters Meet International Students at the SPbPU International Campus

21 August 2018 University life 1268

It is always exciting to be a freshman. And what if you are a freshman who has just arrived from another country? Just do not panic! These days, a team of the Adapters Public Institute (PI) started working at the Information Center of the SPbPU International Campus. Experienced tutors understand that upon arrival to Russia foreign students have many questions and are ready to provide them with all sorts of assistance and support.

Team of the Adapters Public Institute started working at the Information Center of the SPbPU International Campus

“At the Admission Commission in the SPbPU International Campus the newcomers can find answers to all questions they have regarding enrollment to the university. Our team helps them with paperwork necessary for the registration and signing the contract. We tell them about the student life, introduce to the Polytechnic campus, and inform on the history of the university. Besides this, it is important for us to brief foreign students about culture and history of Russia,” tells Tatyana NOVITSKAYA, director of the international section of the Adapters PI.

By its size, the Polytechnic University campus is quite comparable with a small town: there are more than 30 educational, research and production buildings, not to mention residential buildings and dormitories, the House of Scientists and the Sports Complex. In the beginning, it is quite easy to get lost, and for that reason, new students can get from the adapters detailed and easy to understand campus maps in Russian, English, Chinese, and Spanish languages, find out about the easiest way to the building they need to get to, know how to obtain a travel card, where to find this or that office or auditorium.

In 2018, the Adapters PI team launched a new project: Student Buddy Program Enjoy Polytech, where each participant can become a tutor for an international student. Tutors in this project are called “buddies;” a buddy meets an international student at the airport, helps with the dormitory check-in and gathering all necessary for enrollment documents, introduces to the city and helps to blend in the university life. To participate in this project, each international student should fill in an online form. After that, a buddy will be assigned and help him/her adapt in the social and educational media of the university. You can also send your questions concerning participation in the program via email to

International students ask their adapters all sorts of questions

International students ask their adapters all sorts of questions. What student clubs and organizations are there? Are there any sports sections? What about a swimming pool? Can I join the choir? What events are taking place at the university in the course of the year? Where are the students’ canteens? How many libraries are there at the university? Where in St. Petersburg can I go after classes? To come up with a detailed answer, each member of the Public Institute team undergoes training under a special educational program for the adapters. They learn special features of team building, communication, conflict management, history and structure of the Polytechnic student associations, work in groups, participate in training courses and implement various projects. Buddies undergo additional training; they learn specifics of communication with people from other cultures, learn to work with documents, etc.

Adapters’ work lasts through the whole year: starting in September, members of the Public Institute will become curators and tutors for the freshmen. They will help the newcomers to find common language with each other, organize a series of informal meetings and events, keep telling them about various student and university events. Traditionally, two adapters are assigned to each group of freshmen; they create a mutual discussion in the messenger and thus can always stay in touch with their group.

Events aimed at creation of the team spirit make a great part of the Adapters PI work. In order to help the new Polytechnic students, various exciting quests, intellectual games, and other fun events will take place at SPbPU. Traditionally, the team of adapters carries out some useful actions, e.g., bookcrossing or mass waste paper collection.

The Adapters always stay online: you can get in touch with them through their web pages in such social networks as VKontakte and Instagram (in Russian). You can also find all the information in English in Instagram, Facebook and VKontakte. Join us!

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