Atish Chanda: "St. Petersburg Polytechnic has become a home away from home for me"

27 April 2024 University life 162

Atish Chanda is a master’s student at the Institute of Energy of SPbPU. Studying at Peter the Great Polytechnic University for a student from India turned out to be not just lectures, practical trainings, laboratories, exams, but also an exciting adventure of almost two years: The World Youth Festival, «Russian sauna» and Kamchatka.

Atish Chanda is a master's student at the Institute of Energy

My name is Atish Chanda and I am from Kolkata, India’s fourth most populous city and the capital of the state of West Bengal. After completing my bachelor’s degree in Japan, I decided to pursue my master’s degree and chose Polytechnic University.

-What program are you studying?

-I am studying at the Higher School of Nuclear and Heat Power Engineering of the Institute Energy in the international program «Electrical Power Engineering». I am currently working on my thesis on «Development of superconductor suspension for light electric vehicles».

-Tell us about your professors

-Professors of Polytech show high professionalism and responsiveness during training. As a foreigner I especially notice it. They explain complex concepts and examples to students in a clear and accessible way. And I am glad that I can study my field in English in a productive and efficient way.

Atish Chanda with his friends

-Are you studying under any scholarship program?

-I received a scholarship from the Government of India. The purpose of the program is to provide financial assistance to talented students. I was selected among other guys from India and it took me a long time to choose the university where I want to study.

-How did you adapt to the new city and country?

-I was lucky to have been in St. Petersburg before. However, I did not speak Russian at all. Of course, I think this is wrong and I should have taken care of it beforehand. Nevertheless, I never felt like a stranger here. Polytech is a very hospitable university for foreigners: I was assigned an adaptor who helped me at all the first stages until I got used to it. And the main building: have you seen its aesthetic architectural composition? I was struck at first sight by its beauty.

-How did you get along with other students? Have you made new friends?

-In 1.5 years here, I have met a lot of new people who share a common passion for knowledge. We share our ideas on how we can apply our knowledge in practice, because that is the point of our education here. Not just to learn theory, but to find its application. We take part in different events: we participated in the Hackathon, went to Obninsk, where the world’s first nuclear power plant connected to the power grid is located. And this year I became a participant of the World Youth Festival in Sirius. And one of the most vivid impressions is the «Russian sauna», my Russian friends once gave me an unforgettable and incomparable experience.

Polytechnic University has become a "home away from home" for student from India

-What other cities have you been to?

-I’ve been to Kamchatka besides St. Petersburg, Obninsk, Sochi and Moscow! Naturally in winter! This is a unique place where majestic mountains meet the vast ocean, and the beauty of nature is breathtaking.

-What are your plans for the future?

-It’s simple! Polytechnic University has become a «home away from home» for me. I love St. Petersburg and the people I meet every day. And most importantly, I can confidently say that I want to continue studying here. I have applied for the quota of the Russian government to enter the postgraduate program. And I am sure that next year I will be able to continue my studies at this university. I am convinced that thanks to the quality education I received here, I will be able to successfully develop in the field of electric power engineering. I would also like to express my gratitude to my teachers for their patience, support and assistance in my studies. I look forward to further fruitful cooperation and development at Polytechnic University.

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