The chief physician of Polyclinics №76 addressed students and employees of Polytechnic University in connection with the current epidemiological situation

9 April 2020 University life 387

Oksana V. Aleshko, Chief Physician of St. Petersburg Municipal Polyclinic No 76, used by most of the staff and students of our university, is seriously concerned about the development of the situation with coronavirus.

The chief physician of Polyclinics №76 addressed students and employees of Polytechnic University in connection with the current epidemiological situation

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Excellent Worker of Public Health of the Russian Federation, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, pulmonologist of the top category, she said that the clinic had switched to long working hours, and the staff takes all necessary measures to timely identify sick people and provide them with medical care. Regretfully, the first case of coronavirus was detected and confirmed at the Polytechnic College of the University (SPbPU Institute of Secondary Professional Education): a student, who lives in the dormitory, has got positive virus tests. The dormitory is closed for quarantine, and the student himself has been in the hospital since April 2 under the supervision of doctors. Unfortunately, his immunity is undermined by diabetes.

In this regard, we hereby provide the full text of the appeal of the Chief Physician which details the ways of the spread of infection, preventive measures, and precautions that we all must follow to avoid the mass spread of the disease:

“Dear students and employees of Polytechnic University and J.I. Alferov Academic University! I want to appeal to each of you personally. I’m sure that the leaders of your organizations, i.e., Andrei I. RUDSKOI and Aleksei V. FILIMONOV, will also join me.

After two weeks of self-isolation, the situation remains tense and an increased threat of the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID 19) persists in our city. I find it necessary to bring to your attention that, despite the good weather and apparent well-being, we should not relax and take the situation irresponsibly. It is during this period of pandemic development that we are most vulnerable! In the second half of April, the spread of the virus, uncontrolled from the point of view of epidemiology, is expected; that is, the virus will spread beyond the importation from outside (which can be controlled and prevented), but transmitting from person to person under various forms of contacting the virus:

  • Airborne route (that is why it is necessary to observe a distance of 1.5 meters and not to contact with SARS-sick people and isolate them ASAP them from common places of stay)
  • Fecal-oral route (it is necessary to thoroughly wash hands, vegetables, fruits, packaging products from stores, try not to eat vegetables that have not undergone heat treatment, not to order food from public catering facilities cooked by unknown people)
  • Air-dust route (it is necessary to mop the premises at least once a day, and in crowded places, do that every two hours; you should refrain from outing, and protect your mouth and nose with a four-layer gauze mask and glasses in crowded places)
  • By touching the face, eyes, nose nose (it is often recommended that you wash and handle alcohol-containing liquids with you to alcoholize your hands, gadgets, office equipment; wear any type of mask to protect yourself from inadvertent touching, i.e., a mask, scarf, wrap).

All of these ways of spread are extremely contagious, and the virus forgives no negligence!

In the modern history of mankind, the COVID 19 pandemic will stay forever, as will the address of medical workers: “We work for you – you stay home for us!” Dear students, you are our children and grandchildren, and we always paternally worry about you, but now above all. Today, medical workers are doing everything in their power to protect and maintain your health. Please do not neglect the rules of life dictated by the pandemic. We all want it to end the soonest. But just “wanting” is not enough: everyone needs to contribute. It depends exactly on our behavior; each particular citizen impacts on the scenario according to which our country and city will live on (dysfunctional Italian and American or prosperous Korean). Obviously, the more organized we are in terms of prevention today, the faster the coronavirus will retreat.

We picked up the pace on the preparations for introducing telemedicine technologies into the practice of our clinic. I’m sure that we’ll start remote doctor’s appointments in the near future. To resolve any issues related to health problems and organize medical care, the hotline is working at +7 (981) 877-29-41 : from 8 a.m. t 8 p.m. on week days and from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday. All news and recommendations on various topics of health preservation are available on the clinic’s website and in the VKontakte group..

You all have a lot to do and prospects. However, the main thing now is to maintain health for their successful implementation. Take care of yourself!”

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