Do not Ignore Coronavirus Self-Isolation Rules. Important Information for Students

13 April 2020 University life 207

After more than two weeks of self-isolation someone could think that the rules have been relaxed. We can see more people going outdoors, wandering the streets, meeting friends, etc. The Statistics shows the effects from that: for April 12 in Russia there were more than 15,700 confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19). Among them 2,186 new cases were revealed yesterday.

Do not Ignore Coronavirus Self-Isolation Rules

Here is the important information about Polytechnics:

  • the first case of coronavirus was detected and confirmed at the Polytechnic College of the University (SPbPU Institute of Secondary Professional Education): a student, who lives in the dormitory, has got positive virus tests. All students of the dormitory are on quarantine now.
  • on April 11 one of SPbPU students from China was taken to Botkin hospital suspected of being infected with the coronavirus.

Dear students, despite the good weather and apparent well-being, we should not relax and take the situation irresponsibly. We know the cases when some of our students try to enter other dormitories usung someone else's pass. Don't you think that such behaviour is not smart, and you just put other people at risk?

More than 700 students of the St. Petersburg I.I. Mechnikov State Medical Academy were placed under quarantine in the dormitory on Prospekt Prosvescheniya. They had spend in isolation 2 weeks without being able to go outside. Just think of it: 2 weeks without fresh air. 700 people!

Please, be conscious and prudent. Don't relax and take the situation irresponsibly. The virus forgives no negligence! Do not neglect the rules of life dictated by the pandemic, take care of yourself and stay home!

Prepared by SPbPU International Office

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