Dormitory is a home where we live in comfort!

25 December 2015 University life 1992

New Year and Christmas are holidays that most people spend at home with their families. However, nonresident students are left with their friends and fellow students for families, and a dormitory for home. For them, life in a dormitory is the best time of their lives as they learn the ropes of life and find bosom friends. Certainly, there are always those who would rather want to forget this period of their life...

Dormitory is a home where we live in comfort!

That is why the administration of the Polytechnic University puts a lot of effort into the renovation of dormitories. The hard work has already paid off: our university has won the award for Best Dormitory Infrastructure in the All-Russian Dormitory Competition held at the Vladimir State University on December 17-20.

Organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation together with the All-Russian Education Union, the competition was aimed at attracting the attention of legislative and executive authorities, SPbPU administration and public associations to the functioning of dormitories, as well as studying and implementing the best practices in the use of the dormitory housing stock.

Over 500 dormitories from all around Russia applied for the competition. Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University was represented by the dormitory No. 14. "Since this is the first time the Polytechnic University has taken part in this competition, we have never prepared an application or presentation in this format," Deputy Director of SPbPU campus G. G. Melekhova commented. "Despite all difficulties, we've made it into the top five best dormitories and have won the award for Best Dormitory Infrastructure."

The competition consisted of two stages. Experts assessed living conditions, social infrastructure, regulatory system, student authorities, and extra-curricular activities held in dormitories. SPbPU dormitory No. 14 does have an extensive infrastructure, incorporating an event hall, classrooms, and a gym. An elaborate security system makes 900 students feel safe with a fenced campus area, electronic pass system, and 24/7 patrol. Importantly, the campus is within walking distance from the university, subway station, and all kinds of shops.

Dormitory is a home where we live in comfort!

In the competition final, the Polytechnic University was represented by the Joint Dormitory Student Council, namely Philipp Zlobin, Chief of the Campus Student Council, and Ivan Mikhalchenko, Chief of the Dormitory No. 14 Student Council.

"Taking part in such competitions is always great: it's a new experience, you get to meet new people," Philipp ZLOBIN said. "We enjoyed winning the award, but what we really want is the ultimate victory, not only in the competition. We are not going to rest on our laurels. There's a still a lot of work to do, and we will keep improving our dormitories, putting even more effort into it."

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