More than 50 Polytechnic students received a commendation for collecting humanitarian aid

20 March 2023 University life 570

53 students of Polytechnic University received personal commendations from the SPbPU administration for their assistance in collecting humanitarian aid for the victims of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Let us remind that last February SPbPU had several collection points for humanitarian aid, one of which was located at the PolyUnion International Student Club. Students from Turkey and Syria teamed up quickly to sort and pack the relief supplies, and to keep in touch with the consulates of their respective countries. Guys from other countries also provided active help and support.

SPbPU students received personal thanks from the SPbPU administration for their assistance in collecting humanitarian aid

We are proud of our students, employees and volunteers, who proved themselves with dignity at a difficult and responsible moment. Once again you have shown how selflessness, teamwork and strength of spirit are developed at the Polytechnic University, said Dmitry Arseniev, vice-rector for international affairs at SPbPU. From the entire university we want to express our gratitude for your participation in the collection of humanitarian aid, for your right initiatives, efficiency and solidarity.

Products and basic necessities were brought from all over the city: as a result, more than 300 boxes of humanitarian aid were collected. Several trucks were used to deliver aid to the consulates of Turkey and Syria.

The humanitarian aid collection point worked at the PolyUnion Students Club

PolyUnion students and volunteers who joined in the collection of humanitarian aid shared their thoughts.

When these terrible events happened, we knew we couldn’t stay away. The organizers of PolyUnion came to our aid by offering to open a humanitarian aid collection point on the basis of the student club. All conditions were created there for the rapid receipt and sorting of things, said Alessar Kalil, a SPbPU student from Syria. Many thanks to everyone who brought clothes and food. We also received a lot of psychological support — people came up and said the right and important words.

In this situation, the only thing we could do was to be together and do something useful for our country, even if it was a drop in the ocean. When you’re away from your hometown, where something terrible is happening, the feeling of anxiety doesn’t leave you for a minute. It was important for us to contribute to the common cause and help our country, said Jan Alp Alacam, SPbPU student from Turkey. More than 400 people brought basic necessities to the collection point. We sorted and packed things and food and delivered them to the Consulate General of Turkey. Friends really do know each other in need — we saw this for ourselves.

More than 50 Polytechnic students from different countries participated in the collection of humanitarian aid

This event united people from different countries, everyone gathered to help the victims. We tried to do our best and fulfill our humanitarian duty, shared Bassim Barakeh, a student from Palestine.

In five days we managed to collect several trucks with warm clothes, blankets, baby food and personal hygiene products. A huge thank you to everyone who took part in the collection and did not remain indifferent to the grief of others, said the collection coordinator, a student of SPbPU Elizaveta Lupandina.

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