Nowruz was celebrated at Polytechnic University for the third time

28 March 2023 University life 430

Nowruz was traditionally celebrated in the international student club PolyUnion. Spring Festival brought together not only Polytechnic students but also students from other universities of the city. Together with the Polytechnic University, the organizers were the Youth House of Vasileostrovsky District and the St. Petersburg House of Nationalities.

Nowruz is a spring equinox holiday popular in Azerbaijan, Georgia, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, some regions of Russia and other countries. At the Polytechnic University Nowruz has been celebrated since 2021. Through bright and creative performances, participants share the cultural characteristics of their countries and learn about the traditions of other nations.

Creative groups from all over the city came to the Polytechnic University to celebrate Nowruz

To say that Nowruz is about good-neighborliness, cultural diversity and friendship between peoples, the guests of honor — Alla Dydymova, Adviser to the Director of St. Petersburg House of Nationalities, Nezmatjon Mamajanov, Chairman of the Centre for Support and Development of Uzbek Culture, Al-Jundi Waddah, Vice President of the Society of Syrian Nationalities and Mohammad Naeem Gol, Chairman of the United Afghan Centre — spoke about the holiday. Pavel Nedelko, assistant vice-rector for international affairs, greeted the attendees on behalf of SPbPU.

International students of St. Petersburg performed creative spots

The participants prepared a rich creative program of more than 15 numbers. The Azerbaijani folk dance ensemble Khary Byul-Byul and the Kalmyk ensemble Bain Tsag performed national songs and dances. Students from Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Buryatia and Afghanistan also presented dance numbers. A student from Tatarstan played a soulful flute piece, and children from Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan sang national songs. At the end, contestants dressed up in traditional costumes of their countries.

PolyUnion guests learned about the cultures and traditions of different countries.

I liked the event a lot; all the teams were wonderfully prepared! It was nice to meet students from different countries, in different languages, said Sabina Hajiyeva, a student from Azerbaijan State University of Industrial Technologies and Design. I was happy to represent my country at the festival, singing our traditional song.

There were more than 15 creative numbers in the program of Novruz celebration at PolyUnion.

Another important part of Nowruz at PolyUnion is the introduction to the cuisines of the world. This year, guests were able to taste national dishes of Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

Nowruz at Polytechnic University is more than just a holiday. It is another opportunity to remember the value of peace and solidarity between generations. It is a time of unity of people from different countries, learning about new cultures, traditions and customs. After this eventful day I understand even more how diverse our world is and how many interesting things there are in it, shared Govshut Perniyazov, a student of SPbPU from Turkmenistan.

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