Back to distance learning at Polytechnic University

11 November 2020 University life 213

In the summer, the situation with the coronavirus improved to such degree that universities, including Polytechnic University, decided to start the new academic year in classes, observing the mask regime and other preventive measures. However, the coronavirus did not give up, and the incidence began to grow and in November in St. Petersburg it exceeded the May maximum by almost three times. Unfortunately, mortality is also on the rise. Therefore, Governor Alexander BEGLOV decided to reintroduce temporary restrictions in the city and turned to university rectors with a request to organize the educational process and the upcoming session in a distance format for the maximum possible number of students and postgraduates.

Back to distance learning at Polytechnic University

SPbPU Rector Andrei RUDSKOI signed an order to introduce a special work regime for the university starting November 16.  This means that students will study remotely, and teachers and staff will work on a combined schedule (combining face-to-face and remote formats) to reduce the number of people simultaneously present on the premises.

Dissertation Councils will continue to work in compliance with the prevention and safety measures provided for in the “Methodological Recommendations for Safe Operation of SPbPU in an Unfavorable Sanitary and Epidemiological Situation in the Russian Federation.” The same requirements apply to scientific research.

Employees belonging to risk groups shall be transferred completely to the remote work format.

The holding of mass events of more than 70 people in the premises of the university is limited.

Entrance control in educational buildings and dormitories will be made stronger, as well as control of the mask regime and the time of absence of residents in dormitories.

University employees and students are advised to refrain from traveling outside the Russian Federation, including on academic mobility programs, and to limit travel in Russia.

At the Military Training Center, the educational process will end on December 1. 

Nonresident students staying in dormitories of the student campus are advised to return to their permanent residences for the period of distance learning, suspending the rental agreements on a personal request (the place in the dormitory will remain reserved but no fee will be charged). Reimbursement of travel expenses for nonresident students living in dormitories in case of their departure before December 1 (for those studying at the Military Training Center before December 5) shall be provided.

Interaction with foreign partners is completely transferred to a remote format.

Training of foreign citizens under pre-university training programs and the study of the Russian language will be held in person, but in small groups, taking into account the possibility of their on-premises placement.

Foreign students living in dormitories will be provided with conditions for continuing their studies in a distance mode.

Students of international educational programs in engineering and technical areas are recommended to conduct practical and laboratory classes in full-time format in compliance with the “Methodological recommendations for conducting safe activities of SPbPU in an unfavorable sanitary and epidemiological situation in the Russian Federation.”

Distance learning will run from November 16 to February 6, 2021. The winter session will be organized in online mode.

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