Polytechnic students celebrated the Chinese New Year

12 February 2021 University life 252

SPbPU students celebrated the Chinese New Year. The celebration took place at the PolyUnion International Student Interclub with all safety precautions taken.

The festivities of the Chinese New Year in 2021 will last from February 12 to 26. Specifically for Chinese students of SPbPU and everyone interested in Eastern culture, the residents of PolyUnion and TutorForces tutoring service held a bright festival, through which they tried to tell about the key features and traditions of the main holiday of the Celestial Empire.

Russian and foreign students of SPbPU celebrated the Chinese New Year

Polytechnic University ranks third among Russian technical universities by the number of foreign participants. Almost 20% of foreign students who study at SPbPU in various educational programs come from China. The official Representative Office of SPbPU in Shanghai plays a significant role in attracting Chinese applicants to the university. 

“It is very important that foreign students of Polytechnic University feel our support so that they feel comfortable living and studying in Russia. The PolyUnion Interclub was created to help students who come to Polytechnic University from all over the world to quickly and easily adapt to life in their new country, make new friends, and share their cultural customs and traditions. At the club, there is a kind of dialogue of cultures, which helps us to get to know each other better. Thus, the celebration of the Chinese New Year has an important educational function, it broadens the outlook and promotes the development of intercultural communication skills,” said Deputy Director of the Graduate School of International Educational Programs Pavel NEDELKO.

According to the Eastern calendar, 2021 is the year of white metal bull. In the run-up to the holiday, the PolyUnion interclub hosted master classes in making lanterns and amulet bracelets, lessons in writing hieroglyphs, and a tea party with traditional sweets. Since there are still restrictions on public events, an online broadcast was held from the interclub, which was joined by many Russian and international students of Polytechnic.

“It’s great that the university where I study allows me to celebrate the traditional holidays of my country. I liked how Peter the Great Polytechnic University team organized the Chinese New Year celebration. It was fun and exciting, we had a great time,” shared Zhang Ziying, a student from China.

Prepared by the SPbPU International Office

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