Polytechnic University graduates became ambassadors of Russian education and science

24 November 2023 University life 193

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia held the first ceremony of awarding the title «Ambassador of Russian Education and Science». The high title was awarded to 11 people, including two Polytechnic University graduates.

The first ceremony of awarding the title “Ambassador of Russian Education and Science” took place at the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Photo from the website minobrnauki.gov.ru

To implement the program «Ambassadors of Russian Education and Science» a Consortium of Russian universities was created. In addition to St. Petersburg Peter the Great University, the structure includes MGIMO, MSU, RUDN, SPbSU, TSU, SIC «Kurchatov Institute». The program is aimed at organizing and coordinating the ambassadors’ activities to promote Russian education and science in the world.

The ceremony of awarding the honorary title was held by Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education Konstantin Mogilevsky.

The ceremony was held by Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education Konstantin Mogilevsky. Photo from minobrnauki.gov.ru website.

The ambassadors are state and public figures, graduates of Russian and Soviet universities, who have achieved outstanding success in their professional activities. They will promote Russian education and science on leading international platforms.

The title of «Ambassador of Russian education and science» was given to Abdellatif Abid, General Honorary Consul of Russia in Agadir, a 1983 graduate of the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute. He develops bilateral relations between Russia and Morocco, is the honorary president of the Association of SPbPU Alumni in Morocco, helps popularize and promote Russian education, Russian culture and language among Moroccans.

Abdellatif Abid. Photo from the website minobrnauki.gov.ru

Also the director of the Russian-Arab Center for Cultural and Business Cooperation Waddah Al-Jundi, a 1988 graduate of the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, became an ambassador of Russian education and science. He is co-chairman of the Russian-Syrian Society, for more than 20 years he has been developing cooperation between Russia and Syria in the socio-political and humanitarian spheres, in science and education, participated in the organization of international delegations and meetings, presentations of Russian universities in Syria, sports and cultural student events. He was one of the organizers of the traveling exhibition of works of polytechnics «Palmyra of the North».

Waddah Al-Jundi. Photo from the website minobrnauki.gov.ru

Congratulations to Mr. Abdellatif Abid and Mr. Waddah Al-Jundi on being named Ambassadors of Russian Education and Science.

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