SPbPU Rector’s words on the resumption of distance education process

3 April 2020 University life 105

Dear university students and teachers!

I would like to say some words not only as the university leader and your colleague, but also as your friend. For in this difficult period for all of us, my duty is, first of all, to take care of students and university staff health and well-being. In connection with the preventive measures associated with the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection our university will continue to work in new conditions and carry out most of the educational programs remotely starting from April 6, 2020. All official documents can be found on the university website in the appropriate section.

SPbPU Rector Academician of the RAS A.I. RUDSKOI

Yesterday, the President of the Russian Federation made a speech on TV to address the citizens of the country and announced the extension of the paid non-working days until April 30. I am sure that each of us, even without being specialists in healthcare, can clearly understand that such measures can help save the lives and protect health of many hundreds and thousands of people. As before, I ask all of you to be wise: to stay at home with your family and close people, not to walk outside or visit public places and to follow preventive measures. Self-isolation is a kind of test to see how strong we are, but we must be prepared for this challenge and accept it, since we are polytechnics and are ready to overcome any difficulties.

However, in conditions of self-isolation at home, it is possible and necessary to take the benefit of such time spending. And, as I said, SPbPU continues the distance education for students starting from April 6. This is a kind of test for our social responsibility, and we must remember the mission that each student of the Polytechnic University has for the future. Therefore, in any conditions we will fulfill our professional duty - to teach, to study and to master the future profession. The realities of the modern world are such that today it is not only the strategic task and the formation of professional competencies of the educational process that gets to the forefront. As well such personal qualities as social maturity, sense of responsibility, and general personal culture are crucially important. In other words, these are the qualities that at all times have formed real polytechnics – well-educated people who love their country, and highly professional specialists who are able in their daily work to see the fulfillment of a great duty.

Dear colleagues, we carefully preserve the traditions of the national higher education, at the same time we are actively developing in accordance with the advanced trends in the field of education. In today's conditions we propose building interaction between the faculty of our university and students through the electronic educational space that the Polytech has been systematically creating for a long time, as well as video communication systems, e-mail, and various messengers. Unfortunately, employees over 65 years of age - patriots and veterans of the Polytechnic University, who have always been conscientious in their work and have set an example of high discipline and responsibility - today are in the high-risk group due to the coronavirus pandemic. The current situation has changed the usual methodology for fulfilling your duties and requires the use of modern information technologies. I hope that your young colleagues and students will maintain close contact and constant communication with you in this difficult period and will provide the necessary assistance in this matter. Only on the basis of discipline, mutual assistance, understanding and support will we overcome all the difficulties we have encountered, and I hope that we will soon return to the usual mode of educational activity.

But the most important - take care of yourself and be healthy!


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