Sudanese Master's student Bishoy Magdi: "Polytechnic offers great opportunities"

15 May 2024 University life 236

Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project winner Bishoy Magdi Abdu Sabir from Sudan is studying in the Master’s program of Power Plant Engineering I the Institute of Energy. In the interview he told whether it is difficult to learn Russian, where to meet new friends, as well as how the student and academic life at the university goes.

Master's student of the Institute of Energy Bishoy Magdi

—  Why did you choose the Polytechnic University?

— Polytech is ranked worldwide, and locally, it is in the top three of the most international universities in Russia. It has several relationships with companies and colleges from over 193 countries. My field allows me to join Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukeoil, and Rosatom. My dream is to join one of these companies.

—  What were your impressions when you first came to Russia?

— As it was the first time I had traveled to a place, of course, I had a fantastic impression. What infrastructure and technology is there? How are people living? How is the weather? Will the language be a hurdle in communicating with Russians? All these were questions I asked myself, and many more. When I came to Russia, I was excited about it. The university is set in a lovely place, and it is also beautiful when you enter it, especially the main building. The TutorForces association and PolyUnion interclub operate to support international students. This greatly facilitates the adaptation of foreigners in Russia. The variety of educational programs in English makes it easier to master the material. Polytechnic offers a wide range of opportunities and actively involves young people in scientific and project activities. Here we can improve and develop.

Bishoy Magdi with his friends

—  Was it challenging to study Russian?

— I am studying for my master’s in English, but I am trying to learn the language by myself. I made it to the stage where I could understand some Russian dialogues. I read Russian and now know about the cases in Russian. Still, learning the Russian language requires free time and dedication because now I don’t have free time. I knew all this before I came to Russia. Learning the language is a prerequisite to living in Russia.

—  Have you made new friends at Polytechnic University?

— I gained new friends when I came to this university. I had the chance to interview to join TutorForces, and I was picked. Now, I plan events at TutorForces, and I have made many new acquaintances there.

At the interclub event

—  Do you have a favorite place in St Petersburg?

— I have seen popular sightseeing places like the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, The State Hermitage Museum, Grand Peterhof Palace, The State Museum St. Isaac’s Cathedral. My favorite site is Grand Peterhof Palace because it gives a great perspective of nature. One can relax and enjoy the sky and scenery there.

—  Have you been to other Russian cities while studying at Polytechnic University?

— It has been only six months since I traveled to Moscow, and I have seen many locations, as Bolshoi Theatre, The Moscow Kremlin, Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, State Historical Museum, VDNKh, memorial museum of cosmonautics. You have to have good time management skills so that this will not impair your education.

—  What are your plans for the future?

— I plan to continue my education to the PhD level, and I would be thrilled if I could find an excellent job inside the institution or with a partner like Gazprom. I am happy to have this opportunity to study here and look forward to learning and improving. And remember, if opportunity doesn’t knock, construct the door!

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