Results of the Business Project Session "Petersburg 2.0-4.0"

12 October 2015 University life 597

On Friday, October, 9, the Business Project Session "St. Petersburg 2.0-4.0" concluded its work. The session was conducted by Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University in the framework of International Innovation Forum.

Results of the Business Project Session

The Business Project Session "Petersburg 2.0-4.0" is devoted to designing the image of St. Petersburg and the socio-economic development of the city until 2040. The organizers of the event – a group of Polytechnic University staffmembers, headed by the Personal Assistant to the Rector A.I. Gordeev, who was also the chief ideologue of the session – did not only attract the attention of the students to the problems of post-industrial society and its development, but also demonstrated a new educational format. St. Petersburg Governor G.S. Poltavchenko visited the Business Project Session in person and highlighted the innovative character of such an educational approach.

"The event was organized in a very short period of time: we had only a month to build up the concept, to draw up the program, to solve organizational and many other issues," says the organizer of the session, Ph.D., assistant professor of "Economics and Management in Mechanical Engineering" department of IIEM of SPbPU A.A. Sokolova. "Summarizing the results, I can say that everything went according to the plan. The business game "Peter 2.0-4.0" interested the students from different universities of Russia. The students worked out projects, presented them, took part in discussions – everything was vivid and interesting. The main aim has been achieved: everyone was involved in an unusual and exciting educational process".

The winner of the business game has become the team of 16 students, many of whom are the students of the Institute of Industrial Economics and Management of SPbPU. All members of the winning team will be officially awarded the prizes at the reception of the Rector of the Polytechnic University A.I. Rudskoy.

Results of the Business Project Session

The participants of the Business Project Session especially enjoyed the face-to-face interaction with the representatives of the scientific and educational elite of Russia. Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University was represented by A.I. Borovkov, the Vice-Rector for Innovative Projects, and A.I. Gordeev, the Personal Assistant to the Rector on strategic issues. The guests of honor were A.E. Shadrin, the director of the Department of Social Development and Innovation of the Russian Federation Ministry for Economic Development, P.O. Luksha, the director of corporate training programs of Moscow School of Management "Skolkovo", A.G. Komissarov, the director of the Industrial Development Fund, and M.Y. Kozharinov, the head of the education bureau "Soling".

As part of the Business Project Session the Humanities Institute of SPbPU also presented a master class "Linguistic engineering as a resource for the innovative economics".

As mentioned above, the program of the Business Project Session "Petersburg 2.0-4.0" was intended not only for students but also for schoolchildren. On the last day of the session the city school students of 9-11 grades were also working on the strategy for the development of St. Petersburg until 2040. The schoolchildren took part in different competitions and quests of the educational and entertaining format. That’s how the Polytechnic University is working with prospective students.

Директор ИСИ Н.И. Ватин рассказал о работе института с абитуриентами

The director of the Institute of Civil Engineering of SPbPU N.I. Vatin shared the experience how ICE attracts schoolchildren to pre-university training. "We have two focus areas. The first one is the construction academy for schoolchildren, where children learn 3D-modeling of buildings, and at the end of the course they receive a certificate - the document which can already be presented to the employer," says Nikolai Ivanovich. "The second focus area is preparatory courses, which do not only prepare schoolchildren to pass the State Unified Exam, but also prepare them to study in the university first year". Such an approach to prospective students allows ICE of SPbPU for the third year in a row to take the first place in the exam average score of school leavers across Russia in the nomination of "Construction" and "Construction and Architecture".

Both the participants and the organizers of this large-scale and innovative educational project expressed the wish that such useful events were held regularly.

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