Teachers’ Day: a Holiday for Everyone!

2 October 2015 University life 1161

We all remember the wonderful holiday – Teachers’ Day. On this day high school students used to give lessons instead of teachers, there used to be concerts, and teachers received flowers and presents. Teachers’ Day has been celebrated since 1965; it began in the Soviet Union. Starting from 1980 it was celebrated on the first Sunday in October. In 1994 UNESCO and the International Labor Organization decided to celebrate Teachers’ Day on the 5th October and it has been like that ever since.

At higher education establishments teachers become lecturers but the holiday stays the same, as well as a wish to thank the mentors and give them flowers. Right before the holiday at the International Cooperation Office it was decided to conduct a survey among foreign students of the Polytechnic University and ask them if they have a similar holiday in their countries and who of their teachers they remember with gratitude and admiration. Foreign students were not only happy to speak about their favorite teachers, but they also wrote down their congratulations, each in their language.

Martina Zareva
Jonathan Nadaleя
 Chi Hyun Eun
Eden Alemu

A Meaningful Story

Martina Zareva from Macedonia is a foundation student at the Institute of International Educational Programs (IIEP). In her country Teachers’ Day is also celebrated on 5th October. Martina’s favorite teacher is Dragan Dodevsky. He taught history at her school. Martina says that she has very good memories of his lessons. Owing to his knowledge and skills she learned to love and respect the past of her country and to read useful and interesting books. “Each class began with an exciting story. I am happy to know such a wonderful and talented person. Teacher Dragan, you will be in my heart forever”, admitted Martina.

Lessons are Music

Jonathan Nadale from France is another foundation student at IIEP. He is a real Frenchman and he even resembles the famous actor Pierre Richard. He has the same ironic look, curly hair and he is wearing a scarf in a bohemian style. On Teachers’ Day Jonathan wants to thank his teacher of the Russian language, Olga Vasilievna Yushchenko. This young cheerful woman told him about the peculiarities of Russian culture and traditions of peoples living in Russia. Among his school teachers Jonathan remembers his economics teacher Thierry Velichez. Jonathan said that this friendly, enthusiastic and responsive teacher played the guitar very well and he used to bring it in class. Jonathan remembers “the music of his school years” and the positive attitude of his teacher with a smile, “He taught me be optimistic and to overcome all difficulties”.

Thierry Velichez

The Hearty Smile of the Teacher Gitachu

“Teachers like smiling and making everyone feel optimistic. This helps us a lot during lessons”, thinks Eden Alemu, a foundation student. The girl arrived from Ethiopia. She found Saint-Petersburg an amazing city but she always remembers her homeland. She remembers her school teacher, Mister Gitachu, especially often. “He was a high school teacher. He was really energetic, kind and understanding. I often stayed after the lessons to talk to him. My teacher taught me to be myself and trust people. Thanks to Mister Gitachu I learned about Saint-Petersburg and decided to come to your city. Thank you, my teacher!” said Eden.

15 th May is Teachers’ Day in Korea

For Korean schoolchildren a teacher is a very close person, a bearer of sacred truth, i.e. knowledge. In this country the past is indissolubly tied to the present and future. There is an invisible connection between generations, a union of times, each of which helps to cognize oneself. Chi Hyun Eun, a student from Korea, has a dream to become an economist. That was why she decided to study at the Polytechnic University. At present Chi Hyun Eun is studying the Russian language. “Russian teachers are among the best ones, but I often remember my teachers from Korea. In my country Teachers’ Day is on 15th May. In the morning on that day we write congratulations on the blackboard, we give sweets, carnations and greeting cards to our teachers. I am grateful to my teachers for the lessons of mercy and morality. Teacher Myoung Seung taught me to look after sick people. Together we visited hospitals and helped the medical staff to do their hard and significant work. Myoung Seung told us that love is when you need nothing in exchange for it. It can be different, but this feeling will never betray you. Thank you, teacher Myoung Seung, for your love to children!” said Chi Hyun Eun.

 Chi Hyun Eun

All students of the Polytechnic University join in the congratulations of their foreign peers. Yes, we are always demanding to our teachers. We want them to have infinite knowledge, to be tactful, wise, friendly and forbearing. And, of course, we want our teachers to be always in a good mood. However, we tend to forget that a teacher also needs our support and feedback. Nevertheless, we want to wish good health, well-being, good relations with their colleagues and a tireless pursuit of knowledge and truth to all teachers of the world, and, most importantly, grateful and inquisitive students!

International Relations Office, SPbPU

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