We are strong together!

13 April 2020 University life 160

It’s been several days now that due to a confirmed case of a coronavirus-infected student at the Institute of Secondary Vocational Education dormitory No. 16 has been quarantined. The thorny situation rallied, without exaggeration, the entire Polytechnic University: from the university CEOs, who are part of the operational headquarters providing for functioning of quarantined students, to volunteers who constantly support the students in word and action.

We are strong together!

Thanks to the well-coordinated and timely organization of all processes - from nutrition and cleaning to psychological support and study - life in quarantine is going in a seamless way, disciplined and safe. But first things first: right on the first day of the quarantine announcement, all students living in the dormitory were tested for coronavirus, and round-the-clock medical supervision was organized. Three times a day, a doctor and a nurse from the city clinic number 76 round all the students, conduct inspection and measure their temperature. It should be noted that the currently determined quarantine period is 14 days. All ISPO students living in the dormitory will undergo follow-up tests on the 10th day after the detected case of coronavirus infection, and subject to no positive samples, the quarantine will be removed.

Quarantined students are supplied three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu is very diverse and can satisfy all tastes and expectations: cereals, soups, chops, fish, meatballs with side dishes, fruit, pastries and much more. Upon personal students’ requests, they are provided with necessary personal hygiene items and medicines. For the convenience of the guys, a special group was created on the social network Vkontakte for messaging and operative communication on any issues. Vice-Rector for Youth Affairs Maxim PASHOLIKOV believes that it is important to give the students the feeling of support and help from the part of Polytechnic University: “It is very gratifying that all student associations, many departments of the university have joined this work: our athletes are laying out a special set of exercises so that the guys remain physically active in quarantine; the union shares its selections of interesting pastime options: which films to watch, what to play, and so on. Volunteers are in touch all the time, let it be even just chatting, talking, albeit remotely, but this is quite essential for the quarantined guys right now.”

At any time, students can contact the psychologist, senior teacher of the Higher School of Psychology, Pedagogy and Applied Linguistics Denis NAZAROV. Nazarov believes that by now the condition of the guys as calm and positive. Irina GROMOVA, chair of the student council of dormitory No. 16, who is also in quarantine in the dormitory, helps to cope with issues and responds to all requests and needs of students. “We can even say that everything is good in the dormitory now; the guys strongly support and cheer each other,” says ISPO student Denis ANDRIYANOV. “Many are thankful for the free food. Of course, there are those who are worried about the situation, and we are doing our best to help them. It is lovely that many support us remotely, write and offer assistance. We hope for an early release, and many guys are already making plans for celebrating this day ”.

Good nutrition and psychological comfort is important, but still the vital thing for a student is studying, and it should be noted that studying is going on despite the circumstances. Director of the Institute of Secondary Professional Education Roman BAYBIKOV comments: “The educational process has never stopped: since March 16, the students study remotely, and this is so all the time. Students are provided with everything necessary for this. We are in constant contact with the students, and if a need for additional technical equipment or gadgets emerges, we will immediately bring those.”

With the kind of support that entire Polytechnic University is now providing to its students in dormitory No. 16, any difficulties can be overcome, because together we are strong together! And to prove this, here is an incredibly moving video with words of support addressed to their quarantined students and friends from teachers and students of ISPO.

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