“It is easy to provide help!” Who are the volunteers of Polytechnic University

29 May 2020 University life 182

Now, in the course of fighting against coronavirus infection, helping each other is needed more than ever. There are people who are ready to respond to the needs of others - they are called volunteers.

Volunteers of Polytechnic University is a friendly student association, which is part of the Trade Union Organization. What is the role of a volunteer? Who do they help? What are the challenges that volunteers are facing in the current situation? Gosha SHKOLNIK, head of the “Volunteers of Polytechnic University” student association shared relevant information.

Who are the volunteers of Polytechnic University

- What do volunteers do?

- The volunteers’ role is to help others and manifest their best qualities, and presently we are trying to help the maximum number of people in need. Among them are students, teachers, residents of the houses in which the volunteers live. Nowadays our main task is to deliver products to homes in need, as well as information support.

Who are the volunteers of Polytechnic University

- Are there many willing people who responded to the call to help, despite the current situation and risk?

- Not too many among the volunteer corps. Many are now scared and too cautious, which is quite right. But we are looking for helpers and, as always, are open to new people!


- Tell a bit about yourself and about your way in this area.

- I got engaged in volunteering when I was a freshman. Now I am finishing my third year at the Civil Engineering Institute. I like to feel useful, to feel that I bring great benefit. I was always inspired by individuals who drew attention to people’s problems. It motivates me that my work can influence people's consciousness. They see the actions of the volunteers and understand that helping is easy. In our efforts to mitigate the effects of the pandemic, we are trying to somehow improve the situation.

- What is #PolyVol?

- #PolyVol is a team of volunteer students who promote good deeds at Polytechnic University. They are looking for events, as well as up-to-date information for those wishing to help. In addition, the team organizes various interesting events. You can recognize the most active guys from the #PolyVol team by the dark blue sweatshirts. At the moment, during the period of self-isolation, those who are in St. Petersburg help with delivery, and those in other cities are engaged in information and entertainment support and come up with contests that we hold monthly on VKontakte and Instagram social networks.

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