The educational program of the NTI SPbPU Center received the Gazprom Neft Prize

1 June 2020 Achievements 190

At the end of May, the results of the competition for the award in the field of development of professionals of the future “We are in the Future 2020” were summarized at the 2nd conference “We Are in the Future” organized by Gazprom Neft, this year held in an online format. The educational program "Building the business processes of an intellectual enterprise" of the NTI SPbPU Center for New Production Technologies was among the winners in the nomination "Course for the future."

The annual Gazprom Neft conference assembles representatives of business, universities and experts from technology companies in an effort to jointly improve the quality of training for professionals in the context of digital transformation. This year, more than 1,400 people from 80 universities (including foreign ones) and 14 subsidiaries of Gazprom Neft attended the conference.

Образовательная программа Центра НТИ СПбПУ получила премию «Газпром нефти»

The “We are in the Future 2020” award is a professional recognition by the community of Gazprom Neft managers and specialists and external experts of the achievements and significant contribution to the development of the training system for future professionals.

Goals of the award:

  • Identification and approval of the best practices, developers, methods, solutions, and systems in the sphere of higher education, additional professional education, and qualification enhancement 
  • Creation of the base of best practices of new-type education for its availability for all partner universities 
  • Enhancement of efficiency of the educational system and acceleration of the transformation processes at universities.

In 2020, the prize was awarded for works performed in 2019 in four categories: “Course for the Future” (Educational program), “Go Digital” (Digital tools), “Learning and Working in a New Way” (University transformation), “The future belongs to those who create it” (Education leader).

39 applications from 17 universities and five educational organizations were selected for participation in the competition.

The prize winner in the nomination “Course for the future” was the program “Building Business Processes at an Intellectual Enterprise” developed by specialists of the Polytechnic-SAP International Academic Competence Center of the NTI SPbPU Center (program director: Anton AMBRAZHEY, Deputy Director of the IACC Polytechnic-SAP) with support from the SAP University Alliance and the SAP University Competence Center, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg.

The educational program accustoms students with the business processes of a modern enterprise and the means of their construction; it also gives practical skills in working with corporate information systems. The standard processes implemented in the modern ERP system SAP S / 4 HANA were chosen as the basis; the same system is used for practical training.

The program is recommended for undergraduate students of the last year of study and graduate students in various areas of training, such as: enterprise management, logistics, finance, management, business informatics, technical systems management, personnel management, technological entrepreneurship, computer and information sciences, etc.

The first launch of the program (September-December 2019) in a remote format  embraced about 400 students from more than 60 universities of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The second launch (since March 1, 2020) already covered 580 students from 80 universities. In the mixed format (introductory full-time part and further distance learning), the program was tested in courses at the Ural Federal University, VSTU and the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent (80 students) and in the distance-intensive mode at Moscow State University (27 students).

A completely remote format and the ability to access practical cases in the ERP system from any computer provides for the organization of training under this program at any university. For the universities, the program can be delivered in the form of a separate online course along with access to ERP: in this case, university staff members conduct practical exercises. It is also possible to work under a network agreement with SPbPU.

The modular structure and independence of practical cases makes it possible to precisely integrate the program into any university course or educational center where an understanding of the basic business processes of an enterprise or familiarity with S / 4 HANA is required.

The program received many positive reviews from learners. According to surveys, 99% of all students are ready to recommend the course to colleagues (target indicator is 70%); 100% of students consider the course effective for training students (target is 70%.

The master's program in English "Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling for Oil and Gas Industry" is also implemented jointly with Gazprom Neft.

Prepared by the NTI SPbPU Center

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