Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling

Looking for opportunities to realize advanced projects in mechanics? Join our program!

If you choose our program, you will acquire all the necessary practical skills and fundamental knowledge for professional career development in international engineering or research companies. Special focus is set on oil and gas production.

Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling
Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling

Program profile. Major areas of expertise:

I. Fundamentals in mechanics and mathematical modeling:

  • Mathematical Methods in Mechanics
  • Dynamics of Thin-walled Structures
  • Mechanics of Shells
  • Methods for Solving Elasticity Problems
  • Thermodynamics
  • Micromechanics of Heterogeneous Media
  • Mechanics of Porous and Granular Media

II. Computer simulation and computational mechanics:

  • Computer Technology in Mechanics
  • Programming
  • Finite Element Modeling
  • Machine Learning

III. Special courses in Oil and Gas field:

  • Hydrodynamic Modeling
  • Fundamentals of Geology and Development of Oil and Gas Fields

Tuition fee per year:

  • for foreign students: 301 000 Rubles
  • for Russian students: 231 800 Rubles

Admission procedure

You are kindly required to fill in an on-line application. International applicants may find additional information concerning admission at SPbPU web-site.  

Advanced Dynamics of Discreet and Continuum Systems
Advanced Dynamics of Discreet and Continuum Systems

Key Points

Why Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling?

  • Strong fundamental base
  • Hands-on training courses
  • Top-ranked foreign visiting professors
  • Invited specialists from industry
  • International academic mobility
  • Internships at research centers and companies of St. Petersburg
  • Special resources of SPbPU, namely, scientific research center “Gazpromneft-Polytech”, the supercomputing center and digital fabrication laboratory “Fab Lab Polytech”

Key competencies and skills that you will develop:

  • solving professional problems to increase the efficiency of industrial companies
  • advanced knowledge in various fields of mechanics and mathematical modeling techniques
  • programming in C, C ++, C #, JavaScript, Fortran, Python
  • carrying out projects in Matlab, Wolfram Mathematica and Maple programming environments
  • solving problems in Ansys and Abaqus packages
  • experience in machine learning

Where will you work afterwards?

  • Oil and gas industry companies
  • Research and production companies
  • Engineering companies
  • IT-companies
  • Scientific and Research Centers
Advanced Dynamics of Discreet and Continuum Systems

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Additional Benefits

Staying in the most beautiful city of Russia - St. Petersburg - will reward you with unforgettable experience!

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