Polytechnics won in the category «Development of Innovation in Educational Organization» of the St. Petersburg Government Award

18 May 2021 Achievements 146

The SPbPU team of authors won the St. Petersburg Government Award for Outstanding Achievements in Higher Education and Secondary Vocational Education in 2021. Vice-Rector for international affairs, professor of the Higher School of Cyberphysical Systems and Management at Institute of Computer Science and Technology Dmitry ARSENIEV; head of the International Academic Cooperation Department, assistant of the Higher School of Media Communications and Public Relations Ekaterina BELYAEVSKAYA and director of the Higher School of International Educational Programs Victor KRASNOSHCHEKOV presented their project «Internationalization as the key factor of innovation development in the university scientific and educational environment», which won in the category «Development of Innovation in Educational Organization».

We would like to remind you that according to the results of the meeting Commission for the Awarding of Prizes of the Government of St. Petersburg in the Field of Higher Education and Secondary Vocational Education, four teams of authors from SPbPU were awarded the prizes. A total of 92 works were submitted for awards in 2021.

Internationalization of the university’s scientific and educational activities is one of the most difficult tasks faced by the Russian university in modern conditions. Polytechnic University has accumulated sufficient experience in international education, science, research, administrative and organizational aspects. In their work, the authors of SPbPU presented best practices and successful cases that can be used to make a breakthrough in innovation and initiate new promising projects.

Polytechnic University is the leader among Russian technical universities in terms of the number of international students (153rd place in QS ranking), and ranks third among all Russian universities for students. Thanks to the effective system of international marketing based on info-communication technologies, the university actively promotes itself abroad, while continuing the latest global trends — large-scale advertising campaigns in foreign social networks, participation in the world’s largest virtual exhibitions and conferences, launching webinars and much more. The university develops and implements more than 80 online international educational programs with the involvement of external sources of funding (academic mobility support programs Erasmus+, grants from SIEMENS, BOSCH (Germany), ARVEDI (Italy), etc.). SPbPU hosts Russia’s largest academic mobility program, the International Polytechnic Summer School, which did not stop its activities even during the coronavirus pandemic, and took place online. Thanks to an effective system of recruitment and support for leading foreign research and teaching staff, more than 10 percent of the university’s faculty are international specialists. Finally, a series of joint and foreign structures have been established to carry out SPbPU’s vigorous activities in the international market: Official Representative Office of Polytechnic University in Shanghai, Joint Engineering Institute JNU-Polytech in Xuzhou, Training and Research Center of Russian Language in Xuzhou, joint preparatory courses with the Qingdao Hengxing University of Technology, (all — PRC), Information Center of SPbPU in Madrid (Spain), and international scientific and educational centers with leading global companies.

Every year Polytechnic University builds up its potential, increasing the level of organization of major and milestone events and activities in a variety of areas — development of a partner network, modernization of the international campus, creation of a comfortable student environment, etc.

SPbPU’s achievements have repeatedly been recognized at the national and international levels: in 2018, Polytechnic University won the award of the Eastern European University Association for achievements in the internationalization of higher education and active promotion of Russia globally. In 2019, EEUA Award, Polytechnic University was also recognized as the winner in the category «International Reputation of Higher Education Institution». In 2020, the project «Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and its strategic partner — Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin) — won the Russian-German competition «Russia and Germany: Scientific and Educational Bridges».

We are very pleased that the Government of St. Petersburg appreciated the achievements of Polytechnic University in the field of international activities. For decades, Polytech has been confidently following the internationalization strategy, and we have something to share with our Russian and foreign friends and partners. In its work, the SPbPU team presented innovative technologies that it successfully implements and develops in all areas of international activities. It is the integrated and interconnected application of non-standard solutions that gives us that synergetic effect that allows us to demonstrate decent results and move forward from year to year, — commented Professor Dmitry ARSENIEV, Vice-Rector for international affairs of SPbPU.

Prepared by the SPbPU International Office

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