#Great2be: International Students Choose Polytechnic University

20 August 2019 Education 618

Today, over 7500 international students from all over the world study in various educational programs of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Every year, we are excited to welcome those who chose Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University from the enormous number of diverse educational institutions. Dear friends! Welcome to Polytechnic University! This article will be your brief navigator in the student life at SPbPU. Let’s go!

Many international students study at SPbPU international campus all year round

The SPbPU international campus

The SPbPU international campus is located in the 15th and 16th academic buildings of the university at the address: 28 and 28a Grazhdansky Avenue. Each international student starts acquaintance with Polytechnic University here, where the services dealing with the reception and processing documents of international nationals are located.

On the basis of the campus, various student events are held on a regular basis. These include lectures of prominent professors and experts, presentations of international partners, defenses of international projects, seminars and conferences. Last year, at the Resource Center of the SPbPU International Campus, we hosted a NASA astronaut Joseph Akaba; creator of the Catrobat platform professor of the Graz University of Technology Wolfgang Slany; professor of the Leiden University Jie Wang; head of the Russian-Spanish University Center and Pushkin Institute at the University of Cadiz Mr. Andres Santana Arribas, and many other prominent international experts.

NASA astronaut Joseph Akaba read a lecture for SPbPU students at the Resource Center of the SPbPU International Campus

Also, those who are interested in going abroad to study under the academic mobility program first should come to the SPbPU International Campus. Studying at SPbPU, you can go to a partner university for a semester and gain valuable experience and knowledge. Detailed information on this one can obtain in the room 225 of the 15th educational building of SPbPU or by sending an email to mobility@spbstu.ru.

Tutor Forces to help international students

The Tutor Forces service has existed on the basis of the SPbPU Higher School of International Educational Programs for three years. Its main goal is to help international students adapt to living and studying at Polytechnic University and make their staying in Russia as comfortable as possible in all senses. A tutor is both a friend and a mentor. In addition to helping to adapt to the new conditions, tutors pay great attention to the organization of international students’ leisure time. Concerts, museums, acquaintance with the sights of St. Petersburg, movie nights – you name it! Follow the information on the official page of Tutor Forces on VK!

The main goal of Tutor Forces is to help international students adapt to living and studying at Polytechnic University

The PolyUnion International Student Club

Just like the Tutor Forces, the international PolyUnion club helps students to familiarize with the new for them country, find new friends and just have a good time. PolyUnion is also based at the SPbPU Higher School of International Educational Programs and it is located on the first floor of the student dormitory #13 at 30 Grazhdansky Avenue. Just take left from the main entrance and you will see the door you are looking for!

The PolyUnion International Student Club is opened to international students

From the first days of its existence, the club has become a center of international communication. Throughout the year, students from various countries have conversational clubs, dance parties, master classes and film screenings at the PolyUnion venue. You can also get up-to-date information on the upcoming events on the club’s official VK page. Do not forget to subscribe!

“Enjoy Polytech” Buddy Program

Being a freshman in a new country is always exciting. Nobody knows this better than the team of the Adapters Public Institute, which has come up with a special Buddy program named “Enjoy Polytech” (Polytech is the short version of Polytechnic University). Mentors in the project are called “buddies”. A buddy picks up an international student at the airport, helps with checking in at the dormitory and collecting all necessary for admission documents, introduces to the city and helps to join the student life of the university. To participate in the project, you must fill in an online form. After that you will be assigned a buddy that will help you adapt to the social and educational environment of the university. You can also send questions about the program to the email address adapter.international@gmail.com.

International students of SPbPU can participate in a special Buddy Program named Enjoy Polytech

Adapters, like the tutors, are always online: you can reach them through social networks on VK and Instagram.

International Polytechnic Summer and Winter Schools

For quite a few years, international and Russian students every summer and winter take part in international short-term programs taught in English. The range of areas of study is, as they put it, whatever floats your boat: space technology, exact and natural sciences, IT, civil engineering, energy engineering, food technology, humanities, business and management, and many others. Programs last from one to several weeks and allow not only to significantly broaden your horizons but also have fun in the most romantic city of Russia – the City of St. Petersburg.

In 2019 more than 1000 international students took part in International Polytechnic Summer School

Many students who had come to Polytechnic University for a summer or winter school, later continued their studies here in the main educational programs. It also happens the other way around: during their basic studies, international students choose short-term programs in order to usefully spend summer or winter vacations. Have a question? Write to summerschool@spbstu.ru. Besides this, an official website of the International Polytechnic Summer School exists in Instagram.

Polytechnic University Online

International students of Polytechnic University can also receive up-to-date information on upcoming events, opportunities for participation in various projects and internships on the official English-language pages of the university on social networks:

Welcome to Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University!

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