Open Doors: One Week Left Until the End of the First Round

25 January 2019 Education 502

The qualification phase of the “Open Doors: Russian Scholarship” Project is on the homestretch now: you have only a week to fill in a registration form and take part in this international event. More than 20,000 participants from 158 countries have registered for the Open Doors Olympiad!

The qualification phase of the “Open Doors: Russian Scholarship” Project is on the homestretch now

Participants selected the following subject areas:

  • Business and management – 4528 participants;
  • Computer science – 4010 participants;
  • Political science – 2398 participants;
  • Economics – 1824 participants;
  • Biology – 1545 participants;
  • Physics – 1475 participants;
  • Mathematics – 1277 participants;
  • Philology and linguistics – 1209 participants;
  • Psychology – 956 participants;
  • Chemistry – 816 participants.

There is one week left until the end of the first round. 3000 participants have already completed the portfolio and now are preparing for the final round. You can find the schedule of the final round here.

Let us remind, that the competition is open to citizens of all countries other than Russia, stateless citizens, and Russian citizens who are permanent residents of other countries. They are required to have a Bachelor’s degree or at least be receiving it in 2018.

The winners of the Olympiad will get the opportunity to choose among four areas of study: mathematics, physics, economics, and computer science. Each of those includes several fields of study. This year, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University is one of the co-organizing universities in three fields of study: mathematics, physics, and computer science. The winners of the “Open Doors” should be able to continue their education at our university in more than 70 fields of study, including mathematical modeling, systems programming, cosmic physics, biophysics, nuclear physics, innovative construction methods, computer engineering, etc.

The list of the winners and awardees of the Olympiad will be published on the official website of the Project.

Prepared by International Academic Cooperation Department

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