A Student of the International Polytechnic Winter School: I will be back!

27 February 2019 Education 785

In 2019, SPbPU international students for the first time ever were learning modern SAP technologies within the frame of the International Polytechnic Winter School. For a number of years, this educational module was a success in the program of International Polytechnic Summer Schools, and therefore, it was decided to introduce it to the winter school as well.

Jordi AERTS is a student of Thomas More University (Belgium). At his school, Jordi studies special features of information security management, and he is confident that today SAP is one of the world leaders in the enterprise application market. Read in our interview about why Jordi chose to study at the International Polytechnic Winter School and whether he plans to return to St. Petersburg again.

A Thomas More University student Jordi Aerts shared his impressions about the International Polytechnic Winter School

- Jordi, we are glad to see you! Each year, the popularity of winter student schools is going up. Could you please tell us why did you decide to come to Russia?

- I got to know about the International Polytechnic Winter School from my teachers. I took it right away that this would be a unique opportunity to meet other foreign students, visit St. Petersburg, and study at an interesting for me SAP module. The course just over, I am already thinking about coming back to Polytechnic University: I would like to try other educational modules. It very well might be that already next summer or next year I will come here again.

- What would you prefer to study next time?

- I’m considering the Russian language and culture. It would be interesting to start learning Russian from the scratch. My future profession is on demand at any place where they have the Internet, and therefore I very well might be working at an international company. Who knows, it might be positioned in Russia.

In 2019, students of the International Polytechnic Winter School studied new educational modules

- How are the present-day SAP technologies connected with your specialization?

- Back at Thomas More University, I study information security management. Since virtually every large company in the world uses SAP software in its operation, I need knowledge in this area. Within the framework of the International Polytechnic Winter School, we got the basic knowledge of modern SAP technologies. The information was provided in an accessible form; there were many practical exercises. We were taking notes on the most important points, and the professors gave us recommendations on how we can continue our studies. That is, I will be able to study SAP technology in more detail at home in Belgium: I already have a plan how.

- Jordi, everything you say sounds reasonable and logical; on can immediately sense an IT specialist talking to you! You said that you would like to work at an international company in the future. Could you be more specific about this?

- I have no specific goal to work at a large company. The main thing for me is to be of use. At high school I was quite excited about the tourist business: I think high about understanding the world. I am going to work for a few years in Belgium after I graduate, and then head for other countries. Possibly, Russia will be one of those.

- Did you come to this idea after coming here or you had such thoughts before that?

- The SPbPU Winter School contributed quite a lot to my decision. This is my first experience of taking part in such international programs. When I was discussing this trip with my parents, my dad said, “Go! This will be a unique experience. Russian culture is magnificent. You will see everything with your own eyes, talk to local people; you will discover a new country for yourself.” St. Petersburg has impressed me immensely, and I feel I will be back.

The SPbPU White Hall impressed students of the International Polytechnic Winter School

- And what impressions did you get from our university?

- Just wonderful. Teachers, coordinators, tutors were very kind. Everyone was ready to help at any time. And the university campus and its auditoriums are very well tuning for the working mood. My life was full of love and care. Thank you, the Polytechnic!

- Jordi, thank you for your emotions and sincere words. We wish you all the success and hope to see you again at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University!

Prepared by International Academic Cooperation Department

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