Student of TU Graz Told about Training at the International Polytechnic Summer School

20 August 2020 Education 1935

Milan MIROSAV is a student of Graz University of Technology (TU Graz; Austria). This summer Milan took part in the International Polytechnic Summer School, which was held for the first time in online format; for two weeks, together with other foreign students, he studied the course on Machine Learning: Theory and Application, got acquainted with Russian culture and seriously considered coming to St. Petersburg one day as a graduate or postgraduate student. Read about this and not only in our interview.

A Machine Learning course was part of the International Polytechnic Summer School

- Milan, glad to see you! Tell us why you decided to participate in Polytechnic University summer school?

- I try to learn something new every summer. Despite the situation in the world, the summer of 2020 was no exception. I hate wasting time, so I study even during summer holidays. I didn’t manage to come to Russia, but virtually I was in your country: I really like it, like the Russian people and culture.

- Was it easy to study online?

- Frankly speaking, in my opinion, this is not the best format. However, it is easy enough to study online, and if the lectures are well organized, teaching can be effective.

- How effective has been for you studying at the International Polytechnic Summer School online?

- I enjoyed the online summer school course. We have learned a lot in 14 days. Yes, these are only the basics of a large-scale discipline, but thanks to the material I have studied, I have a high-quality base for further study. Overall, I can say that I am delighted. We had classes in programming, PLC and Python, studied the history of artificial intelligence, data processing techniques, deep and shallow neural networks, and more. All was informative and fun!

A Machine Learning course was part of the International Polytechnic Summer School

- How do you feel about university education on the whole?

- In my opinion, university education is a kind of guide to action for students, where professors are curators and show us the right direction, what needs to be studied and for how long, and evaluate our work.

- What can you say about the instructors who taught the machine learning course at the summer school?

- They are great specialists! We were taught by specialists from Russia and Turkey - for example, SEO specialist in the field of machine learning “M-com” Ogul UNAL, who, as I learned, is also a graduate student of the SPbPU Institute of Computer Science and Technology of SPbPU.

- Are you going to come to St. Petersburg when the restrictions are lifted?

- Yes, I want to visit St. Petersburg one day. I also think about studying in St. Petersburg.

- What advice would you give to foreign students who plan to enroll to Polytechnic University?

- I do not yet know how the main programs in St. Petersburg are taught, but I will definitely study this matter, because I want to study here. However, based on my little online experience, I would recommend students to take a closer look at your city and university!

- Milan, thanks for the interesting interview! We wish your dream to come true!

Prepared by the SPbPU International Office

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