Academics and Industrialists Will Discuss Ways of Developing Telecommunications

4 June 2018 International activities 965

In connection with active digitalization of the economy, development of radio technologies, which from year to year are playing an increasingly important role in material production and everyday life of individuals, is especially essential. Satellite navigation, meteorology, development of communication systems of the fifth and subsequent generations, transportation of goods, introduction of unmanned aerial vehicles: all these topics are in the agenda of the international seminar on the “Development of the modern radio communication and broadcasting ecosystem,” which will take place at the SPbPU site. Organizers of the event are the International Telecommunication Unit (ITU) and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, participant of the “5-100” Project.

Academics and Industrialists Will Discuss Ways of Developing Telecommunications

Representatives of high-tech companies and specialized state organizations, including Airbus, Boeing, Nokia, Huawei, Motorola Solutions, the National Radio Frequencies Agency (France), the Civil Aviation Authority (Great Britain), scientists of the SPbPU Institute of Physics, Nanotechnologies and Telecommunications, and other experts in the field of radio communication will take part in the international seminar. They will discuss a broad range of issues; in particular, new broadcasting technologies (HAPS, microsatellites), intelligent transport networks, digital economy, improvement of the state control system using the radio frequency spectrum, etc.

"Thanks to such events, we can look at our information and communications future and identify the promising areas of activities in the digital economy," said Director of ITU Radiocommunication Bureau François Rancy.

This seminar is not the first example of the joint work of the International Telecommunication Union and Polytechnic University. In July 2017, François Rancy took part in the opening ceremony of the International Polytechnic Summer School, telling students about the global role of radio communication technologies all over the world. Besides this, the ITU Radiocommunication Bureau provided noteworthy assistance in the development of a new ‘Space Technologies’ module of the International Polytechnic Summer School.

“There is a good reason why Polytechnic University was chosen to host this seminar.   Within the frame of the “5-100” Project our university creates, applies, and disseminates multi disciplinary knowledge, science-intensive and sophisticated production technologies for the preparation for and actual production of customized products” SPbPU rector Academician RAS Andrey Rydskoy says.

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