Digest from SPbPU Shanghai Office and Nanjing Office: Winter 2023 Results

14 March 2023 International activities 491

Strengthening cooperation with leading organizations of Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute (JITRI), the growth of the official Polytechnic University account in WeChat, a series of new partnership agreements and not only — this was the winter of 2023 for SPbPU Representative Office in Shanghai and SPbPU International Office for Global Innovation Cooperation in Nanjing. Read about it and more in our traditional news digest.

Talks between representatives of SPbPU and JITRI organizations

Polytechnic University expands presence in China via WeChat

Polytechnic University account in the largest communication network in China WeChat continues to grow: today it has almost 1000 subscribers from China. A significant increase in the number of subscribers has occurred during the international educational fair China Education Expo, when about 200 people joined the account of Polytechnic University. SPbPU office in Shanghai plays a significant role in promoting the account of Polytechnic University in WeChat. According to the staff of Polytechnic’s Shanghai office, using WeChat, it has become much easier to provide up-to-date information about SPbPU to potential partners and applicants.

SPbPU representatives at the international China Education Expo

Productive talks with leading JITRI companies

In February 2023, Shi Bochao from SPbPU International Office for Global Innovation Cooperation in Nanjing had productive talks with three organizations in the JITRI system. Let us remind that in November 2022, Polytechnic University and JITRI signed a partnership agreement at the 4th International Municipal BRICS+ Forum, which resulted in the creation of a joint innovation cooperation platform between SPbPU and JITRI in Nanjing.

Business meetings were held with representatives of the Advanced Materials Research Institute Yangtze Delta (AMRI), the Institute of Organic Functional Materials and Applied Technology and Jiangsu Jicui SiouxTechnology Co.

Professional development courses of SPbPU are popular among Chinese teachers

Polytechnic University will accept teachers from China for its programs of additional professional education (APE). A certificate of advanced training in a foreign organization is very much welcomed in China: this initiative is supported by the government of China and enshrined at the legislative level. Every year, such courses are becoming more and more popular among Chinese audience. In the near future, teachers and professors from Tianshui Pedagogical University and Datong University in Shanxi Province will start studying the «Investment Ecosystem» and «Intellectual Systems» programs, which are implemented at the Institute of Industrial Management, Economics and Trade and the Institute of Computer Science and Technology of SPbPU. The courses will last from 3 to 4 months and will allow Chinese participants to update and improve their existing knowledge and skills.

Intensifying cooperation with Shandong Railway University

In the winter of 2023, cooperation between SPbPU and the Institute of Foreign Languages at Shandong University of Railway Transport became much more active. The parties reached a number of agreements in the course of a series of negotiations. In particular, the staff of the Representative Office and Shandong University of Railway Transport discussed specific steps of the working plan for the academic year 2023/2024. It is planned that graduates of the Shandong University of Railway Transport undergraduate program will be sent to international master’s degree programs at SPbPU in English. In addition, there are plans to continue cooperation in the language area: there are Russian language courses at the Institute of Foreign Languages of Shandong University of Railway Transport. Last year, 14 graduates from these courses entered various programs at Polytechnic University.

Also, in the process of negotiations, the parties discussed the funding programs of the Ministry of Education of China, through which the teachers and professors from Shandong University of Railway Transport will be able to get funding for training programs of further education in Polytechnic University. Finally, at the end of March 2023, an «Open Door Day at SPbPU» is planned, which will be held online at the Institute of Foreign Languages of Shandong University of Railway Transport.

Students of Shandong University of Railway Transport prepare for admission to SPbPU

Productive talks with Harbin Cambridge University

Productive negotiations were held with representatives of Harbin Cambridge University (HCU). The participants discussed the possibility for HCU bachelor’s degree graduates to continue their education in Master’s degree programs at Polytechnic University. As a result of the business meeting, the parties agreed on the possibility of concluding an agreement on sending HCU bachelors to master’s degree programs at Polytechnic University.

Chinese Petroleum University is a new partner of SPbPU

China Petroleum University (CPU) has become a new partner of SPbPU in China; today it is one of the best universities of the People’s Republic of China in its sphere. CPU trains highly qualified specialists for the Chinese oil industry. As a result of negotiations with the representative office of SPbPU the parties agreed to start working on a joint project for students of the master’s degree program «Technical and Environmental Safety». There are plans to transform this program into a double degree program, as a result of which its graduates will receive two diplomas at once — from SPbPU and a Chinese partner university. Besides, participation of CPU students in programs of the International polytechnic summer school «Oil and gas in the fuel industry» is discussed.

Polytechnic University is a participant of the grants competition

SPbPU Representative Office in Shanghai is actively working to ensure that Polytechnic University participates in grant events. In 2023, SPbPU again participated in the Russian Science Foundation (RSF) grant competition for «Basic Scientific Research and Prospecting Research by International Scientific Teams» (jointly with the State Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)). The Shanghai office searches for Chinese partners; in addition, the work of the Representative Office includes supervising the submission and formation of an application together with the team of SPbPU scientists to the funds of scientific and technical cooperation between Russia and China.

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