News Digest of SPbPU Shanghai Representative Office and Nanjing Office

10 January 2024 International activities 261

In the fall of 2023, the team of SPbPU Representative Office in Shanghai and Nanjing office held a number of meetings and negotiations aimed at establishing and strengthening partnerships with universities and industrial enterprises in China.

Li Lianying Project Seminar

In October Polytechnic received a working visit from Li Lianying, Operations Director of the Overseas Cooperation Department of Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute (JITRI), the parent organization of the National Innovation Center of Excellence (NICE).

Since 2022, an office of Polytechnic University has been operating at the JITRI site, the main task of which is to promote SPbPU’s scientific, technological and innovation projects in the Yangtze River Delta region. During the visit, she got acquainted in detail with the projects of the Turbine Engineering Laboratory of the Higher School of Power Engineering, the Center for Technological Projects and other departments of Polytechnic University. These projects have already attracted the interest of Chinese partners and with the assistance of JITRI will be able to receive financing from the Chinese side.

On October 17, the international Office of Polytechnic University organized a project seminar with the participation of representatives of various departments of the university, where Li Lianying spoke in detail about the specifics and models of cooperation between JITRI and Russian partners, as well as about financial support programs for the implementation of joint projects. The JITRI/NICE system unites more than 90 research and more than 70 academic institutions in such fields as new materials, energy and environment, manufacturing and information technologies, biology and medicine, said Li Lianying. So I am sure that we will be able to find partners for various Polytechnic University projects.

Meeting with Hangzhou Yuzhiquan Precision Instrument Company in Zhejiang Province

Yuzhiquan, a company supported by Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Laboratory, specializes in femtosecond laser lithography. This is a process that is used to create three-dimensional structures at the nano- and microscopic level.

Such technology can create objects with high precision and resolution, making it ideal for a variety of applications including biomedical research, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and optics. The process involves using femtosecond lasers to record data onto a photoresistive material, which is then etched and polymerized to create the desired structure.

SPbPU projects were presented during the meeting, finding many common themes for potential collaboration.

Meeting with Nanjing Anlimo Tech

Meeting with Tensen Technology in Shenzen

Tensen is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of semiconductor components and modules in China.

At the meeting, SPbPU representative Shi Bochao, manager of the SPbPU International Office, Hu Dandan, director of administrative affairs, and Li Minghao, director of industrial innovation at Nanjing Tensen International Technology Transfer Center, discussed opportunities for cooperation in such areas as development and production of electronic devices, issues related to technology and patent licensing, and joint participation in scientific research.

SPbPU representative from Nanjing Shi Bochao visited Nanjing Anlimo Tech.

Anlimo, a company established with the support of Nanjing Polymer Research Institute, is one of the leaders in semiconductor technology in China, specializing in the design and manufacture of integrated circuits (ICs) and semiconductor devices.

During the visit, SPbPU representatives got familiarized with the company’s production facilities, and the parties discussed possible areas of cooperation in the development of new technologies and materials for the semiconductor industry.

The parties expressed interest in implementation of joint projects

Negotiations with the Huangpu Institute of Materials Science in China

The Institute’s activity is aimed at the development of national science and technology.

At the meeting, they discussed the possibilities of joint research and development works, as well as cooperation in the field of personnel training, within the framework of the «One Belt, One Road» program. Institute of Materials Science is interested in the project of superconstructive materials proposed by SPbPU, their research and application in various industries

Negotiations with Zheng Wenqin, Deputy Executive Director of SUBOTE Science and Technology Industry Cooperation Platform

In order to promote regional innovation and technology, create jobs and advance economic growth, the two sides discussed the possibility of creating a platform where Russian and Chinese scientists and engineers can exchange ideas and collaborate on the development of new technologies and products.

SUBOTE offers the possibility of joint ventures between Russian and Chinese companies to develop and produce new technologies and intends to organize training and experience exchange between scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs from China and Russia to improve their skills and expand opportunities for cooperation.

A series of webinars on promoting cooperation with JITRI organizations

The SPbPU representative office in Shanghai together with the Nanjing office has successfully organized and conducted online webinars in two languages, for the opportunity to establish business contacts with commercial partners in China.

Ilya Kobykhno, a researcher of the Polymer Composites Laboratory of SPbPU, familiarized the representatives of JITRI, Nanjing High Molecular Institute and Nanjing Polytechnic University with the projects of Polytechnic University. This is a great opportunity to promote the Lab’s activities to various JITRI-related organizations.

Darina Balzhimayeva made a presentation of Polytechnic

Participation in Mechanical Engineering Seminar in Jiangsu Province

Jiangsu Province hosted the International Week of Cooperation and Exchanges between Industry and Universities: Mechanical Engineering Session. As part of the event, the employees of the SPbPU Representative Office in Shanghai took part in a mechanical engineering seminar on «Integrated Development of Intelligent Manufacturing».

Leading manager of the Representative Office Darina Balzhimayeva made a presentation of Polytechnic University’s activities and told about scientific and technical projects implemented jointly with Chinese organizations. After the official part, negotiations with potential partners among the participants were held. Participation in such events gives an opportunity to expand SPbPU’s partner network in China.

Inclusive training program «Environmental Protection and Oil and Gas Engineering» launched in September 2023

Students of the Joint Polytechnic Institute of SPbPU and Xi’an University of Technology started the semester with a course in English on an overview of the oil and gas industry — from exploration and production to refining and sales.

Students at Joint Polytechnic Institute

Students will study the processes and technologies of viscous oil and gas production, oil preparation under the guidance of leading professors and experts from Russia and other countries, as well as learn about the dynamics of the oil and gas industry and key issues affecting its development.

The program includes individual and team exercises and projects that will help students gain practical experience. It is also a great opportunity to exchange experiences and opinions with industry peers. At the end of the course, students will receive international certificates.

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