The observation mode in dormitory No. 13 off!

15 June 2020 International activities 84

Dormitory No. 13 at 30, Grazhdansky Avenue, is returning to its usual life: the observation mode in it has finally been withdrawn. Let us remind you that in accordance with the decree of Rospotrebnadzor No. 78-00-09 / 7213504-2020 of 05.22.2020 “On the introduction of restrictive measures at the facility” in dormitory No. 13 an observation mode was introduced. For more than three weeks, entry to and exit from the building was prohibited for all its residents, and the leadership of Polytechnic University organized a series of events to support students who were isolated. By decision of the SPbPU Rector Andrei RUDSKOI, all students of dormitory No. 13 received a one-time financial assistance. Volunteers helped deliver food and essentials. Doctors monitored students’ health around the clock.

The observation mode in dormitory No. 13 off

Embassies and consulates of the countries whose students were observed were immediately notified; all of them stayed in touch with their students. Many sent to SPbPU words of support and appreciated the complex of measures taken by the university.

The measures developed by Polytechnic University to prevent the spread of infection in a short time frame have shown their effectiveness. To a big extent it was so due to the fact that both the organizers and the students reacted to the actions taken with great responsibility. The leadership of Polytechnic University expresses its heartfelt gratitude to all those involved in this difficult period in the life of the university: students for their consciousness and adherence to the observational regime, volunteers for their dedication and invaluable help, embassies, consulates and fellowships for their support and understanding.

Now it's all over: floor disinfection of all rooms of the dormitory was held, and the students returned to their usual mode of life. Nevertheless, social distance and wearing masks in Russia are still applicable: we urge you not to neglect sanitary rules, continue to use protective masks, and maintain distance. And sure we wish everyone good health!

Prepared by the SPbPU International Office

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