Polytech graduate from India: Master's degree at SPbPU is one of the best decisions of my life

13 November 2020 International activities 64

Karan GUPTA is a graduate of International Master’s Degree program «Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling» at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Karan completed his studies in 2020 and, like millions of students around the world, faced the Coronavirus pandemic and related features of distance learning. Karan GUPTA told about his studies at Polytechnic University, how the university influenced the choice of his specialty and shared advice to future international students in an interview with SPbPU International Office. 

SPbPU graduate Karan Gupta told about Polytech studies

- Karan, tell us please, was it easy to dare to go to Russia from India?

- It seemed a little bit challenging, but thanks to the university and department, who helped me to get the invitation and arranged all the other necessary documents to come to SPbPU.

- What do you remember from the years of your studies?

- The best part while studying my program was linking theoretical studies with the practical application. Also, all the subjects in my course was a part of specialization. Moreover, for me the best experience was completing my thesis, as it was one of the realistic experiences that, I hope, will contribute to the science and technology.

- When choosing the Master’s degree program, were there options of other countries?

- Yes, there was almost similar course available in Germany, but in SPbPU «Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling» course was covering all the aspects of my requirement and some additional subjects that are highly in demand. That is why I decided to go to St. Petersburg.

- Were there other points that made you to study in Russia?

- It was all about the mindset and the emerging technology of Russia, as I always like to learn about new and innovative technologies that contribute for the development of new era. For me Russia and specially Polytech seems to be the best to acquire the knowledge of leading technologies like Oil and Gas, for which Russia is always well- known for worldwide.

- What is your overall impression of the Polytechnic University?

- I would like to say that the university has the best infrastructure! Modern laboratories, interesting international seminars and high quality professor-student interaction. At the same time, spring season is really beautiful, one can easily admire the beauty of St. Petersburg. Also, the best part of the university that they provide opportunity of employment during studies, as I also worked as an research engineer in my department and acquired some practical skills.

- Were there any difficulties while studying and living in Russia?

- It is not a difficulty, but a feature: you better have some basic level of Russian language beforehand as it can help a lot with local interaction in St. Petersburg.

- Karan, please, share your future plans.

- My plan is to do a job as an analysis engineer in my domain. For me, the use of theoretical lies in practical results and have some fruitful result of my theoretical study.

- SPbPU students can take internships and participate in various events abroad. Did you take part in any trips of the kind?

- Yes, we had an opportunity to be a part of internship mainly in Europe. But for master’s student a bit challenging as you need to be prepared for a hard work. Moreover, this year we faced a COVID-19 pandemic. I took part in one of the internship programs from Ecole Polytechnique, (Paris, France), but due to pandemic, it was temporarily hold up.

- What advice would you give to international students planning to come to Russia?

- I would like to say that choosing this program was one of the best decisions of my life. Studying at Polytech directed me for the industry and further research work. I highly recommend to all the international students to be a part of this program and takeaway the best moments of life.

Prepared by SPbPU International Office

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