Polytech and MUAS: First Online Partnership Agreement

8 April 2020 International activities 240

ПолитехPeter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University keeps in touch with foreign partners. A few days ago, the Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS) and SPbPU signed an updated comprehensive partnership agreement - in the form of an electronic copy, bearing in mind remote work of both campuses. The parties decided to sign an agreement during the Forum "Polytech Days in Berlin."

Munich University of Applied Sciences © Hochschule München, Photo: Ben Steinig

Unfortunately, the situation with the development of the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced some corrections to the plans. But hardly something can stop the communication and friendship that has been developing for many years. The international offices of the two universities were keeping in touch and continued working on the agreement. The partners had to adjust plans, postpone part of the events to a later date, but in the end, even in the remote mode, the parties exchanged a signed agreement. Now it will form a partnership between SPbPU and MUAS for the following five years.

The head of the MUAS International Office, Amelie BAUER, addressed words of support to polytechnics: “Of course, we wish everyone to be healthy and not lose hope in these difficult times. During the global pandemic, you can especially see how we are interconnected and how little one country can do being alone. Success can only be achieved together, and therefore solidarity and mutual understanding are important. COVID-19 impressed all of us, unexpectedly affecting our daily lives. Despite the fact that we are trying our best to adhere to the position “all things are going as usual”, the reality is that we all have to adapt to new circumstances, new ways of working and a lot of uncertainty. We send our best wishes to all our colleagues from our partner universities around the world! Be healthy!".

by SPbPU International Office

For further information:

The Munich Institute of Applied Sciences is a longtime partner at the Polytechnic University. MUAS has the unique status of “Exist Start-Up University”, which it received thanks to the effective activities of its Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship in 2011. Then the first partnership agreement was signed with SPbPU. Since then, cooperation and close friendship has been constantly developing between our universities.

On June 17, 2013, an agreement was signed on the creation of the Russian-German Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship "Polytech Strascheg" at the Polytechnic University. Student exchanges, academic mobility programs, and internships have been carried out on an ongoing basis. Students from Germany had educational and research internships at SPbPU Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (IAMT), while students from the IAMT and SPbPU Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics got acquainted with a German university. For IAMT students a number of competitions were held under the supervision of the "Polytech Strascheg" Center, with the participation of experts from Germany.

Colleagues from the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship and MUAS became guests of honor at the “Polytech Days in Berlin 2020”. The Founder of the Center, Dr. Falk Strascheg, and the Director of the Center, MUAS Professor Klaus Seiler were among the key speakers within the Forum’s business program. At the meetings in Berlin, it was possible to discuss plans for the coming year and for signing of an updated partnership agreement between SPbPU and MUAS. Student activity and new formats of entrepreneurial projects, as well as the participation of MUAS professors in SPbPU educational programs were also discussed.

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