#What to be: a Master’s degree student of the international educational program “Molecular and Cellular Biomedical Technologies”

11 June 2020 International activities 212

In 2020, the Institute of Biomedical Systems and Technologies (IBS&T) launches a new English-language Master’s degree program “Molecular and Cellular Biomedical Technologies”. The prerequisites for creating a new program were the internationally-focused development of scientific activities: the Institute actively interacts with such world-famous universities as the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (USA), Queen Mary University of London (Great Britain), Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium), and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China). The accumulated experience and the constant exchange of best practices with foreign colleagues made it possible to develop an international educational program in English for future scientists.

In 2020, the Institute of Biomedical Systems and Biotechnology (IBS&T) launches a new English-language program Molecular and cellular biomedical technologies

Students will study the basics of molecular biology, general immunology, molecular genetics, evolution and immunology, experimental methods of molecular biology, molecular biological technology, and many other disciplines. AS a whole, the program aims at studying molecular and cellular biology with the focus on virology, which today is quite a popular area. Russian and foreign experts from Belgium, the UK, the USA and other countries will give lectures and conduct seminars.

The coordinators of the program note that its uniqueness is stipulated by the combination of physical, mathematical and biomedical disciplines. The institute has a good laboratory base for practical and laboratory studies. In addition, the infrastructure of scientific partner organizations, in particular, the Smorodintsev Research Institute of Influenza and St. Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Physics (PINP), will also be engaged through the specialized departments they established at Polytechnic University.

Training under a Master’s degree program involves the implementation of a research project, which takes a lot of time in the curriculum. The results obtained during the implementation of such a project will become the basis for writing a Master’s degree thesis. Future Master’s degree holders will have a variety of topics to choose from – all the range from molecular virology to neurobiology.

The future work of graduates in the speciality is aimed at studying living systems, viruses, their effects on humans, animals and plants, creating vaccines and finding targets for treatment and diagnosis. Graduates will be able to work in scientific research laboratories, centers, institutes and in biotechnological companies. In particular, the competencies gained through this international educational program will allow future scientists to participate in the development of a vaccine against COVID-19.

Still have questions? Ask the program coordinator Associate Professor of the Higher School of Biomedical Systems and Technologies Anastasia BOLSHAKOVA, Candidate of Biology, at: asya.bolshakova@gmail.com or by phone: +7 (812) 535-00-56.

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