Polytechnic University has launched the international scientific journal Sustainable Development and Engineering Economics

21 January 2022 Science and Innovation 397

The topic of sustainable development and related UN goals is becoming increasingly relevant. More and more organizations are joining the various global initiatives in this area. Polytechnic University is not lagging behind. The university not only demonstrates its commitment to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, but also creates special brands that "wrap" the most important initiatives. The journal Sustainable Development and Engineering Economics (SDEE) is designed as a platform for sharing knowledge about the interrelationships between sustainable development, the engineering economy and infrastructure, innovation and enterprise management, and regional development. The first issue of the international peer-reviewed scholarly journal will be published at the end of 2021.

According to the Editor-in-Chief, Professor of the Higher School of Engineering and Economics at SPbPU Irina Rudskaya, Doctor of Economics, the articles published in SDEE will fill the gaps in research that arise at the intersection of the main topics of the publication. Researchers from different countries will be able to share their findings, present different perspectives on the role and contribution of engineering economics in achieving sustainable development goals and stimulating the promotion of innovative products in various industries, explains the editor-in-chief.

The editorial board consists of experts from the UK, Italy, France, Finland, Estonia, China, Austria, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Russia, including professors from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. The international composition of the SDEE editorial board makes it possible to maintain the high quality of published articles as well as the diversity of topics of papers. According to the editorial board, articles published in SDEE journal not only promote scientific communication and exchange of ideas and technologies necessary for the realization of UN sustainable development goals but also contribute to the very concept of sustainable development, which implies harmonious development of nature and man.

SDEE accepts original works by authors with scientific novelty, fully revealing the researcher’s contribution to the concept of sustainable development and engineering economics. Articles can be in English and Russian, and machine translation will allow readers from all over the world to study materials in their native language.

The first issue of SDEE presents materials on four main themes of the journal: “Economics of Engineering and Innovation Solutions as Part of Sustainable Development”, “Business and Regional Sustainable Development”, “Sustainable Development of Regional Infrastructure” and “Knowledge and Innovation Management for Sustainable Development”. These sections were identified and highlighted after an extensive analysis of the scientific literature, as well as based on the experience of members of the editorial board and leading international journals. The authors of the articles presented practical and theoretical research on various issues, such as local and regional implications of new technologies, business process changes based on new engineering solutions, cyclic economy and closed resource cycle, sustainable development and knowledge and innovation management, and many others.

The next issues of the journal will continue to highlight research and advances in sustainability and engineering economics, and the range of issues raised by the authors will be continuously expanded.

Prepared by the SPbPU Public Relations Office based on information from the Institute of Industrial Management, Economics, and Trade

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