The Appeal of the Chief Physician of the City Clinic № 76

7 May 2020 247

Dear SPbPU students and employees! Three weeks ago, in my address I informed that the period of uncontrolled spread of infection was about to start. Presently, we live in this period.

Chief Physician of the City Clinic № 76 O.V. Oleshko

None of us can guess where the source of the infection can be, and more and more citizens realize that they could have indirect contacts with sick people who had a confirmed diagnosis and that now they belong to so-called “circles:” 1st circle (those who had direct contacts with sick persons) or 2nd and 3rd (contacted citizens from the 1st circle).

Of course, this reality should mobilize us all to further compliance with the principles of self-isolation and the maximum possible disconnection!

We shall not subject people around us to danger! Exactly for this reason, all students staying in dormitories most abide to the self-isolation regulations established by the national and St. Petersburg government: they must permanently stay in their residences, walk away from their residencies no farther than 100 meters, including for buying food at grocery stores.

I remind you that prior to the special order of the chief sanitary physician of St. Petersburg, there is a ban on scheduled appointments with specialist doctors; therefore, only general practitioners are admitted to the clinic. Specialist physicians (ENT, neurologist, surgeon and others) can be consulted in polyclinics at the place of actual residence. Emergency dental care is organized in certain dental clinics in the areas of residence

As before, we urge that, when signs of acute respiratory viral infections or suspected contact with a coronavirus infection occur, you should stay at home and call a doctor at home from the clinic closest to the place of actual residence.

With the progressive increase in the spread of coronavirus infection, the real possibilities for diagnosing its presence in the body have changed. There are numerous questions on the diagnosis of the presence of coronavirus by the PCR method from a material taken from the nasopharynx swab. Currently, it makes no sense to take swabs “at will.”

In our clinic, as in other state budgetary institutions of the city, you can take a nasopharyngeal swab by the direction of a physician for medical reasons, or if the patient is over 65 years old, or has chronic diseases and (or) disabilities, or there is a need of hospitalization, and if they belong to the 2nd and 3rd contact circles. In the latter case, it is necessary to give the full name of the sick patient with whom the contact took place. In this case, the expectation of the result can be from 3 to 10 days. In most cases, the result comes directly to the referring doctor only if a positive result is detected.

In view of the foregoing, for examination before setting the vaccination, for check-in at the hostel and just for “complacency” you will have to go to commercial laboratories, such as Helix, which offer emergency diagnostic services for coronavirus infection. And of course, today’s negative result does not guarantee tomorrow’s positive one.

Precisely because it is practically impossible to make sure of your safety and “compartmentalize” the situation, stay in self-isolation and use the distance learning WISELY offered to you.

In connection with changes in the epidemic situation, frequent changes in the operation of the clinic are possible. Follow the information on the website and be careful! The +7 981-772-29-41 “hot line” remains operative; CEOs of the clinic will answer all your questions.

Take care of yourself and stay healthy!

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