SPbPU and Harbin Polytechnic University prepare to launch satellites

27 May 2024 Affiliates 206

On May 17, during his state visit to the People’s Republic of China, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Harbin Polytechnic University. There, he held a meeting with Chinese and Russian students, as well as university professors. The head of our state answered numerous questions from the audience. The President was also asked about cooperation in the space industry. The President congratulated the Chinese leadership on what has been done in this area. «As far as space is concerned, just like space itself, the opportunities for cooperation are limitless,» the Russian leader said. SPbPU and Harbin Polytechnic University cooperate fruitfully in the space sector.

 SPbPU and Harbin Polytechnic University prepare to launch satellites

Cooperation with Harbin Polytechnic University began in 2018 under the program with international participation of small satellite development of the Association of Technical Universities of Russia and China in consortium with Bauman Moscow State Technical University and Amur State University (AmSU).

Roscosmos paid great attention to the Automatic Identification System (AIS) receiver developed by SPbPU in the interests of the Russian Ministry of Transportation for the Druzhba-ATURK microsatellite. The system provides reception of signals from ship AIS stations with modulation types and protocols in accordance with ITU-R international recommendations M.1371.

Project participants at the Vostochny Cosmodrome

Colleagues from Harbin are developing an X-ray detector for space navigation systems based on X-ray radiation from pulsars as part of a comprehensive project. Primary data processing in the ground segment of the system will be carried out by SPbPU and AmSU.

Antenna-mast device “Radian 3.6”

To date, the development of AIS has been completed and preparations for the assembly of two microsatellites have begun. The Radian 3.6 antenna-mast device for receiving AIS signals in the S, C and X frequency bands of the ground station for receiving and processing satellite information is located on the roof of the SPbPU NIC. The antenna device provides operation as a part of target radio lines of all available and prospective domestic microsatellite platforms.

Automatic identification system receiver

The Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications of SPbPU has developed an AIS receiver (dimensions 95×95×15 mm). The spacecraft is planned to be launched later this year from the Vostochny Cosmodrome. It should be reminded that SPbPU has already participated in the launch of three microsatellites that successfully completed their missions.

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