More than 400 international students at Polytechnic University were vaccinated against coronavirus

30 September 2021 University life 331

More than 400 international students of Polytechnic University were vaccinated against coronavirus in the city's Polyclinic No. 76. Recall that the vaccination of international students of SPbPU began on August 25, and continues to this day. Those who wish to get vaccinated should write to with their surname, first and patronymic name, country, institute name, group number, e-mail and phone number. For convenience, the clinic management recommends that you come in groups with an even number of people, because vaccine vials contain two doses of the drug and it is faster to vaccinate in pairs.

Tutors help international students of SPbPU to fill out vaccination questionnaires

We met with international students at Polytechnic University who have recently been inoculated against coronavirus and learned what motivated their decisions. Vikas KUMAR (India) is a Master’s degree student at the Institute of Physics and Mechanics and studies continuum mechanics. He was vaccinated with the Sputnik Light vaccine on Sept. 12. I needed to get a vaccination certificate for my academic mobility. I know that Sputnik-Lite is quite a safe vaccine, and it is now in its third phase of trials in India. If I need to get vaccinated in the future, of course, I will do it again. I also recommend it to other international students, not so much for the certificate, but for your safety. And I also want to draw your attention to the fact that after vaccination you may have a fever and a temporary worsening of your well-being. You have to be prepared for that, said Vikas KUMAR.

Ricado RODRIGUEZ (El Salvador) is studying international business at the Institute of Industrial Management, Economics and Trade. “I got vaccinated at the end of August. I had two reasons for this: first, the vaccination will give me the necessary antibodies to fight the virus. It’s good for my health. Secondly, when I was in Moscow, I couldn’t go to the embassy without a QR code. They don’t let you into many places without one there. Would I recommend vaccination to other students? Yes, of course. And let's not just think about travel: a lot of people have died because of the coronavirus. We all want to be able to walk the streets safely, to meet up with friends. And for that, we need to be healthy. So I do recommend other students to get vaccinated.

The vaccination process itself was very quick. I went to the health clinic. There was a line, but it moved quickly. There are two doses of the vaccine in each vial, so it was better to come in two. Other students also helped me fill out the form."

Student of Institute of Industrial Management, Economics and Trade Ricardo Rodriguez

We promptly handle incoming requests from international students, and we also involved tutors from the international student organization ‘TutorForces’ in the case: if necessary, they help foreigners fill out questionnaires, commented Pavel NEDELKO, Deputy Director of the Higher School of International Educational Programs.

Prepared by the SPbPU International Office

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