International Students Project Marathon - 2022

St. Petersburg Polytechnic University is always open to new acquaintances, ideas and productive cooperation!

Possible areas of the future projects:

  • Material science - Composites and Nanomaterials Technology; Materials Science of Nanomaterials and Components of Electronic Equipment; Materials and Technological Processes of Additive Manufacturing; Basic Welding Theory; Materials Science, Metallic Tailored Materials Technology and Processing; Metallurgical, Materials and Welding Engineering Technology; Metal Science and Heat Treatment of Metals and Alloys)
  • Mechanical Engineering - Electrophysical and Electrochemical Technologies in Mechanical Engineering; Design and Technological Developments for Tribotechnical Systems; Computational Mechanics and Computer Engineering; Automation of Technological Machines and Equipment; Design and Technology Support of Mechanical Facilities
  • Transport - Logistics Systems in Transport and Industrial Enterprises; Transport and Technology Systems Engineering; Computer Technology Design of Automated and Electric Cars
  • Optics; Optoelectronics – Research Methods
  • Computer Science - recognition and generation of speech, texts, images with emotion; drone control system for the delivery of goods; recognition and prediction of cancer disease using deep learning technology; intelligent recommendation systems for building an educational trajectory;Innovation; Systems analysis; Standardization and measurement
  • Humanities – Linguistics; Russian as a foreign language; Regional Studies
  • Industrial Engineering – Business Engineering; Tourism, etc.

We will be glad to see you as a part of the International Students Project Marathon!

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