Participants’ testimonials

Matthias MOSCHINGER, student TU Graz
«During the project, we compared two types of welding: laser and electro-beam. To do this, we conducted experiments in Russia and in Austria. The student marathon impressed me a lot, and I sincerely advise students to take part in such projects. This is your chance to acquire important knowledge not only in your discipline, but also from related fields, as well as to receive a powerful impetus for self-development».
Detlef HECK
Detlef HECK, professor TU Graz
«The participants actively interacted with each other, and showed excellent re-sults. The range of disciplines in which they worked is very wide. This does impress».
Donat SHERGALIS, ICST student
«I worked on a project connected with non-relational databases. Such databases are optimized for applications that work with large amounts of data. At first, I was a little nervous, as this was a completely new topic for me, and in our team I was the only participant from Polytechnic University. But when we got to work, all the fears stayed behind. Together with my colleagues, we jointly looked for solutions for emerging problems, explained things to each other, and could easily find compromises».
Norbert ENZINGER, TU Graz professor
«Not all students have the opportunity to work in laboratory every day. And if after graduation they want to continue to develop in the scientific area, the pro-ject marathon will be an ideal opportunity to plunge into the world of science and research. I established some scientific contacts during visits to other laboratories. I do not know what these people will do later, and I do not know how our stu-dents will develop. But it is likely that after many years they will meet again - for example, as academic partners. And it would be great if by then they would have such a common story».
Eman BASIC, TU Graz student
«I am always excited to meet and work with new people, to exchange ideas and learn something new. Working on this project gave me exactly that opportunity, for which I am grateful. Although it was challenging to coordinate our time schedules and do specific tasks, it turned out to be a valuable experience which helped me grow as a developer».
Matthias MÜLLER
Matthias MÜLLER, TU Graz professor
«As researcher and lecturer, it is my highest desire to create and support envi-ronments that foster knowledge transfer as well as innovation. Bringing together students, but also lecturers, from different institutions and working on joint pro-jects provides the chance to gain new viewpoints, new ways of problems solving in a creative and sustainable way. I hope to see interdisciplinary collaboration on different topics, enabling all involved parties to learn and gain new skills relevant for their future career. This cooperation builds the perfect frame to achieve these goals, to provide a platform of collaboration for learning and research about ex-citing issues of our today’s world».
Pascal WERKL
Pascal WERKL, TU Graz student
«My part of the project was to create a web crawler and parser for the real estate project. The main part was to extract information from websites and to create a well-defined interface in JSON for further processing. It was very valuable for us to improve our intercultural communication skills and to learn about different problem solving techniques. I would recommend anyone to take the opportunity to participate in future joint projects to strengthen their theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of project management, software development and to im-prove their communication skills in general».
«I had many doubts concerning my participation, as the project marathon was originally designed for Master’s degree students, but after all it turned out to be quite feasible and exciting. I got in a project related to the development of neural networks. As part of the work, we had to show the results together with our Austrian colleagues in Graz».