Students of the International Polytechnic Summer School Manage Supply Chains

31 August 2018 Education 982

The International Polytechnic Summer School-2018 had a lot of surprises for students: they studied the space, nuclear power, special features of the oil and gas power production, molecular gastronomy and urban planning, explored specifics of the Russian language and culture. Another debut of 2018 was the educational module on the “Logistics and supply chain management.” This course was launched under the frames of the International Erasmus+ Project called “Green Logistical Management.” The module attracted attention of Russian and international students already at its very initial stages.

This year, students from Singapore, Germany, Denmark, England, China, the Netherlands, Belarus, Iran and Norway came to study logistics and supply chain management.

Tutors of the International Polytechnic Summer School gave visiting students excursions around St. Petersburg

“The educational program of the module is structured in accordance with the modern business concept. It is divided into several specialized blocks; that allows to form competences in the sphere of strategic planning and organization of logistical processes. The key feature of the Summer Logistic School is using the unique Fresh Connection role-based simulator in the sphere of supply chain management. In addition, we paid special attention to the green logistics,” module coordinator N.S. LUKASHEVICH said.

Presently, Polytechnic University is the only university in Russia where the Fresh Connection role-based simulator is used for teaching students in Master’s degree and Bachelor’s degree programs. More than that, SPbPU students under supervision of business coach D.A. GAVRILOV had got to the global final of the Fresh Connection World Student Competition, which took place in the Netherlands, and came in a good third. This summer, the unique Fresh Connection role-based simulator was put to good use at the International Polytechnic Summer School, and international students could see in their own experience that supply chain management is a complex, demanding, but interesting sphere.

Prominent specialists of SPbPU and Erasmus+ coordinators taught lectures and seminars in logistics for students of the International Polytechnic Summer School

“The skills I have got in the course of the training at the International Polytechnic Summer School will be very helpful for me in the future. We had a lot of practical training, and I understood only too well that, to a big extent, the productivity of our company may depend on our own solutions,” Katarina RASMUSSEN from the University of Southern Denmark believes.

Along with the unique Fresh Connection role-based business simulator, students were impressed with the trend of the green logistics which keeps growing with each year.

“We must take care of the environment and prevent emergence of environmental problems. Green logistics is a very important direction which helps us use our resources wisely,” Hoppman MEES (Utrecht University, the Netherlands) shared his impressions.

A picnic is a traditional event of the International Polytechnic Summer School

In addition to lectures, seminars, and practical training led by leading SPbPU specialists and Erasmus+ coordinators, students visited for educational purposes the Russian Hyundai Motor Plant. And the tutor team helped to organize an intensive cultural program: young people went on a tour along St. Petersburg rivers and canals, visited Peterhof and other famous museum complexes of the Northern Capital.

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