Chinese Students about the Reasons why They Came to Study to Russia

18 October 2017 International activities 2399

Every year students from all over Russia, CIS and Baltic countries enter the Institute of Humanities (of SPbPU. The educational program is regularly adapted to international environment and modern realities requests. Of course, the growing interest of Chinese students to Russian education was not left unchallenged by the Institute of Humanities.

Chinese Students about the Reasons why They Came to Study to Russia

In a new academic year students from different Chinese cities entered the Institute of Humanities. Before diving into involving student life, they had a language training. During a year students from China learnt Russian language and culture on the base of University Foundation Program. All of them have his or her own reason why they decided to come to Russia and preferred SPbPU.



I visited St. Petersburg some years ago. In China Russia today is one of the most popular tourist destinations - many people want to visit this far away and mysterious country.

I came to St. Petersburg and fell in love at first sight with its culture, architecture and also a charming girl. Of course, my studying is on the first place for me, but I couldn't miss all the beauty around. I was born in a huge metropolis, in real concrete jungle, that is why your architecture is amazing for me. Every time in my way to the University I look around and see beauty even in typical five-storied buildings.



In my childhood parents read me books about Russia. Those stories seemed to me so fantastic, as they were not possible in a real world. In senior classes I read 'Crime and Punishment' and 'Anna Karenina'. You may be surprised, but Russian literature is popular in China. After school I decided to have a big journey to Russia. I liked fabulous Main building of Polytechnic University - it looked like pictures in books in my childhood, like a real palace! Also I would like to note friendly attitude of teachers and academic staff of the University. Thanks to their openness I did not feel myself alone here.

It is great that Russian students who study Chinese can also go to China participating in exchange programs and explore my country at full breath. I have my personal knowledge that such trips not only help improve the language skills, but also get lifetime experience!



Russia is a very promising direction, and many people would like to come to study here. In Russia I can get good knowledge and be completely immersed in Russian language and culture. I was in Kazan and Moscow, but St. Petersburg impressed me most of all. Here I want to take a picture of every building!

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