International students choose SPbPU Master’s degree program

23 July 2020 International activities 291

Many international students who have received their Bachelor’s degree at Polytechnic University are planning to continue their studies at the Master’s level. To date, about 90 graduates have applied for various Master’s degree programs and are already passing the entrance exams. Among them, there are many of those who have made a choice in favor of Master’s degree international educational programs in English.

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly affected the process of recruiting foreign students for higher education. Now, most of the tasks are solved remotely: students send documents by e-mail, receive advice from managers of the International Students Department remotely, and take exams online. But the desire to continue studying at one of the leading higher education institutions in Russia remains unchanged.

Vietnamese student Nguyen Hye Yen is going to enroll in SPbPU Master’s degree program

“In my Bachelor’s degree studies, I mastered software engineering at the Institute of Computer Science and Technology. I am interested in working with codes, applications and software. I also liked learning Russian, mathematical logic, basics of programming and algorithmization. I have the best impressions about the teachers of SPbPU, so I plan to continue my studies at the Master’s degree program of Polytechnic University", shared her impressions with a student from Vietnam, Nguyen Hai Ien.

Such areas as economics, civil engineering, automation of technological processes and production, design, foreign regional studies are the most popular among future foreign Master’s degree holders. Of this year’s international Master’s degree programs, the applicants most often choose the laser and fiber optic systems. The exams are carried out according to the already worked out scheme through the SPBPU portal of distance educational technologies. Candidates receive their unique entrance data and instructions for taking part in the entrance test from the managers of the International Students Department, choose the most convenient day of the exam from the ones offered on the schedule and, using the identification system, pass the tests on the Moodle platform.

Of course, one of the most common questions that international students ask is in what format they will be studying in the new academic year.

“We are preparing for all possible options of the situation development. Safety of students is the most important thing for us,” commented the Head of the International Education Office Evgenia SATALKINA. “Polytechnic University has quite a powerful educational base and highly qualified teaching staff. In spring we quickly adapted to the new realities; the students successfully completed their studies and passed exams. And, despite the fact that today we have a lot of problematic factors associated with the coronavirus pandemic, the quality of educational services will not be affected.”

Prepared by the SPbPU International Office. Text: Olga DOROFEEVA

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