SPbPU international students began applying for MIR plastic cards to receive financial assistance

13 April 2020 International activities 623

SPbPU international students began applying for MIR plastic cards necessary for receiving financial assistance from Polytechnic University. Let us remind that on April 6, Rector of SPbPU, Academician of the RAS A.I. RUDSKOI signed an order “On the payment of lump-sum financial assistance to students in connection with the self-isolation regime introduced in the Russian Federation.” In accordance with it, all university students who receive higher and secondary professional education on the intra-mural basis, including those studying at their own expense, as well as foreign students and postgraduate students can apply for material assistance in the amount of 2,200 rubles.

SPbPU international students began applying for MIR plastic cards to receive assistance

To receive financial assistance, foreign students must fill out the appropriate form in Russian or English and also be a MIR plastic card holder. The Tutor Forces and the student PolyUnion Interclub will assist foreign students of Polytechnic University in filling out the forms. A headquarters will be deployed at the Club’s venue on weekdays from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. until the end of next week, where tutors-in-charge will give advice on filling out the forms, strictly abiding all necessary safety measures. The students work in masks and gloves, use disinfectants and maintain the distance. If necessary, the operation of the headquarters will be extended.

Specifically for Polytechnic University international students, the long-term university’s partner Bank Saint Petersburg allocated a dedicated office at #9 Toreza Avenue for servicing foreign students who should be able to apply for a MIR card here. The students can also order a card through the website of any bank of which they already are card holders. Instructions on applying for a MIR plastic card can be found here.

“I believe that this is excellent financial assistance to students at such a difficult time for all of us. Many thanks to Polytechnic University for being mindful of the foreign students and trying to help them in every possible way during the pandemic. I think that students will appreciate such support from the part of the university,” commented Mr. Shen LEI, the managing director of the Globus International recruiting company.

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