How to request financial assistance without leaving home: instruction for SPbPU students

8 April 2020 University life 1581

On April 6, the SPbPU CEOs adopted a resolution to provide a lump-sum financial assistance to students in the amount of 2,200 rubles for the period of the coronavirus epidemic in addition to any other payments and stipends. The university is going to spend 50 million rubles from its own funds on these purposes. Please see below detailed instructions on how to request and receive a lump-sum payment.

How to request financial assistance without leaving home

According to the Rector’s order “On the payment of lump-sum financial assistance to students in connection with the self-isolation regime introduced in the Russian Federation”, students studying in intra-mural mode of higher education and secondary vocational education programs (including that at your own expense); foreign students and/or graduate students are also eligible to this assistance in the amount of 2,200 rubles.

If you are a foreign citizen, please fill in your request following this link. Only those students who do not speak Russian shall fill the application form English.

The deadline for submitting requests is April 30, 2020.

Payment of the lump-sum financial assistance will be carried out in the period established by clause 3.6 of the Regulation on scholarship support and other forms of material support for students: “payment of all types of stipends and other payments to students is made once a month from the 25th day of the current calendar month to the 5th day of the month following for the month for which payment is made, subject to the availability of appropriate funding”.

Please note that this payment will be made only through a transfer to the students’ personal debit cards of the MIR payment system: as a budget-sponsored organization, Polytechnic University operates in accordance with Russian law and in this case it must work only with MIR debit cards. That is why correct details shall be indicated in the request; otherwise, unfortunately, the request for payment will be denied.

Please note that the current account should be opened specifically in your name, neither your relatives nor friends shall be eligible and the payment of funds will not be possible. You can apply for a MIR online or at Sberbank and Bank Saint Petersburg dedicated offices in your city. These are key partners of SPbPU and provide operational support to the university. The banks will begin working on issuing plastic cards on April 9, 2020. Here you can see the instructions on how a foreign student can apply for a MIR card (if you do not yet have it).

How do I find my bank account details? 

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