International Polytechnic Week Offers New Educational Opportunities

26 May 2016 International activities 1664

"You have an exciting and productive week ahead of you, focusing on the discussion of new opportunities and prospects for cooperation," SPBPU Vice-Rector for International Relations D. G. ARSENIEV said to the participants of the International Polytechnic Week at the plenary session.

International Polytechnic Week Offers New Educational Opportunities

Indeed, the program of the event has been put together with due consideration of the interests and priorities of partners and colleagues. There is simply no time to rest, with negotiations on the development of joint projects ongoing even during lunch.

On May 24, the participants of the global event began with the discussion of digital arts during a workshop of the TEMPUS project "Development of arts education in Russia: new master's degree programs in digital arts according to the EU standards". The main speakers talked about the post-digital vibe and modern art; the importance of multimedia in design project presentation; a system for teaching digital technologies with further specialization in media design; digital and industrial design in a single project solution; and creative designer solutions in the context of an anti-crisis economy. In their reports, the speakers have proved that modern digital arts are in direct correlation with the international practices of the implementation of new technologies.

International Polytechnic Week Offers New Educational Opportunities

"With digital design, we are able to recreate lost relics or even reconstruct a certain period in history. Career in digital design is a growing trend among the younger generation, and those who choose to follow this path are ahead of their time," one of the workshop participants shared.

International Partnership Days was another event, held at SPbPU Supply Center. A roundtable discussion revolved around the best practices of network cooperation and strategic partnership. The world's leading universities that are partners with SPbPU (Aalto University, University of Stuttgart, Metropolitan College, University of Hanover, ParisTech, etc.) presented their educational projects and achievements, and shared their ideas of effective cooperation.

International Polytechnic Week Offers New Educational Opportunities

At an international seminar "Study in Europe: programs, scholarships, grants" organized by the International Educational Programs Coordination Office, students of SPbPU and other universities discovered new opportunities and prospects for studying abroad. The seminar was held as part of the joint project of the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) and SPbPU "Promotion of European Higher Education Across the World".

Among the speakers at the seminar "Study in Europe: programs, scholarships, grants" were Rayk Olhoeft, DAAD lecturer, professor at SPbPU Institute of Humanities; Laurent Lenoir, representative of the Consulate General of France in Russia; and delegates from the Lappeenranta University of Technology.

Rayk Olhoeft pointed out the interest of Russian students in studying in Germany. He insisted that the German government do their best to help potential students through various foundations and organizations. Professor Olhoeft also emphasized that "the internationalization of higher educational institutions is an important subject for DAAD".

Elizaveta Sukhova and Anastasiya Sidorova from the International Academic Mobility Office talked about the partner universities of SPbPU, requirements and deadlines for application submission, grants, and scholarships. They provided vivid examples of educational travels abroad.

"Each university has its own requirements. Keep that in mind and obey the rules of the university to get the most out of your time abroad," Elizaveta and Anastasiya explained.

The participants of the seminar also learned about the tutorship system in the Polytechnic University. Students experienced in communication with foreigners help the latter adapt in the city, find accommodation, discover essential places and establish useful contacts. This lets students practice foreign language on a daily basis and find new international friends, who will be happy to welcome them in their homeland in the future.

International Polytechnic Week Offers New Educational Opportunities

Violetta Dalinchuk, third year student at the Institute of Civil Engineering, took part in the International Polytechnic Summer School 2015. She was a tutor for an Indian student. "I actually considered studying at the Polytechnic University of Milan or Valencia. My fellow students and friends give me the best example of successful education abroad. They are happy to share their impressions and knowledge," Violetta said.

The third day of the International Polytechnic Week saw the opening of the 10th International Conference "Modern Problems of Foreign Students Studying at Russian Universities". The Conference was attended by the staff of the Institute of International Educational Programs (IIEP) and guests from other universities.

"In the context of the formation of a global market for educational services, internationalization becomes key to the efficient operation of any university. Pre-university courses play a positive role in the modern world, providing educational adaptation for foreign students, maintaining and increasing the number of the international youth, creating conditions required for students to complete the course rather than leave during the first year. Short-term programs aimed at teaching Western students the Russian language and culture contribute to the promotion of Russian values across the world and increase the academic reputation of the university in the modern geopolitical situation," IIEP Director A. M. ALEXANKOV commented.

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